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Won't test blood

Been waiting for my blood test results for whooping cough, phoned doctors yesterday only to be told that they are not doing blood tests for WC unless especially authorised as there is an epidemic in my area. I asked if I could speak to the doctor and was told she would ring me back but she didn't. I haven't used unhalers for a week, don't feel any worse but only very slightly better. Not sure what to do now. Still coughing up phlegm. Thoroughly fed up with it now, why can't someone tell me what it is,am I asking too much?


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Don't get it Knitternan - I thought whooping cough was a notifiable disease and as such I would have thought it needs to be confirmed.

If you don't feel right you might want to visit your doc again.

Hope you feel better soon.

Love C xxx


I don't get it either but I am fed up of doctors at the moment, might leave it for a week and see how I go.


Any reason why you haven't used your inhalers for a week? I only ask because I have been coughing up phlem for some while. I was told to use my reliever which I hadn't been doing much as I wasn't out of breath much. I have started using it more now and the coughing has reduced to almost nothing.

I have also just been put on antibiotics for the beginings of an infection.

If you can, go to see your GP, your mind should be put at rest.

Good luck.


I didn't feel they were working in fact I think the coughing was worse when I was on them. I'll make an appointment for the docs today for next week. Going to Scotland at the weekend by night bus to collect a car, and then drive back ( I won't be doing the driving) so hope the weather is kind to us.



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