Snowed in

Hi, our side roads are still barely passable but the main roads are fine, the council have suspended all waste collection until Thursday so far, including clinical waste.

Why don't they utilise these people who are not working to get out there and get the side roads cleared, no good having clear main roads if you can't get to them.

How is it that we can see what needs doing but those in there 4 x 4's and with chauffers can't.

polly xx

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  • good comment..

  • I agree polly :) we have the same situation here on a street that is occuped mainly by senior citizens. The paths are treacherous but god forbid the motorists are inconvenienced in any way !

  • same here main roads are fine but residential roads and footpaths treacherous

    lin x

  • Same here, I live at the bottom of a steep hill so there is no way my car will get up it and I can't walk up it. I am going stir crazy as I haven't been out since Friday, :(

  • Go polly, no your right in everything you say, thay use to get the council workers out there clearing the roads and the pavements years ago, but alots gone out of the window since


    rose xxx

  • Think it's all down to health and safety!!

    I havn't been out since last week would not want to try to get round to my garage, I have just been watching the poor moms with pushchairs fetching the children from playschool they look exhausted.

    I have just cancelled the hairdresser and the vets for Friday this week, I cannot be sure I can get there so am sitting tight until it has all gone.

    Take care everyone.

    polly xx

  • I think it's down to Councils not wanting to pay anyone extra.

    The unions negotiate and make it a condition that manual snow clearing is not part of a regular job but that anyone doing it should be paid for this above their normal wages. So, the council just don't ask many to avoid paying out .

    At least that's how it went in our area. They have a few that will do the town centre and some priority areas like sheltered housing, so carers can get in and out. They have people employed to drive gritters, which are 'prioritised' for major roads first. Beyond that, forget it.

    We usually try and keep out own path clear, including most of the pavement outside the gate so visitors don't tramp snow back on the path again.

    Thankfully, we don't get a lot of snow here. Most of it seems to drop over the hills before it reaches us. On the other hand, the wife's sister lives in N Yorks and has been cut off two days now. They drive 4x4's for a reason up there, without them they would be stuck for ages in snow. . The main A road is closed it's that bad.

  • House bound for quite a few days but managed to get out to go somewhere by taxi - the next door

    neighbour had kindly cleared the paths for us. We live down a cul de sac. Too much to expect for the council to grit it. The main roads are fine. But the cold air hits my lungs!!! Walk with care!!! Annie80 x

  • Iced in today

  • It has gone really cold here in Shropshire, gritter has been down our lane - they are quite good round here.

    Lib x

  • That was not my intention at all.

    Our waste collection has been suspended because of the weather my suggestion was that those who usually work on that are utilised to clear the roads instead. They are still being paid.


  • In Canada, every householder is required by law to clear the pavement outside their house unless they are elderly or disabled in which case their neighbours do it for them.

    My sister lived there 40 years and never had icy pavements like here.

    Lynne xx

  • I am not sure but I heard if you clear the pavement in front of your house and someone slips and falls over you are liable.

    Years ago we all used to put the ashes and clinkers out from the fires.

    polly xx

  • I have just been on our Council web site where it says you can request to have your road gritted. So I have, what do you think of my chances. :-P

    polly xx

  • No Chance I think is the modern phrase

  • I think that's a fallacy Polly as are so many of the 'health and safety gone mad stories'.

    The H & S Executive are constantly trying to tell people, especially councils, that they are overreacting such as banning conkers etc.

    Lynne xx

  • Think you are right Lnne have just be on web to have a look.

    Not as I have a hope in hell of clearing my path.

    polly xx

  • Agreed Pollyjj, but also the way Canada does it sounds a good way, but sadly in this day and age neighbours don't normally do things like that only a few really good neighbours.But it would be good if we could find a solution especially for the elderly and disabled.

  • I live in Gloucestershire where the main roads are clear but not the side roads, we live in a cul-de-sac which is still covered in snow, the bin-men and recycleing collected on Tuesday. The only day they didn't work was Friday when the first snow came, they caught up Monday when they don't have any collections. How do I know this? My son is a refuse collector and works from 5-30am until 4pm four days a week in all weather. If they can do it in the snow covered Cotswolds why can't they in towns and cities?

    Carole x

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