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disability grant

hi all I have had a visit from sevrayer regading wet room he says bath room should be knocked down and rebuilt the max you can get is 30 thousand pounds .

he says any moor I would have to put an attachment on property .

im not shure if he meant the 30,000 and for a 4x4 meter single story bath room seems a lot

im going to find oout and will bore you all with the detailes

best wishes bob

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I wonder why they didn't suggest converting the original bathroom. Is it on the ground floor ? Maybe they get a commission on what they suggest ?


Hi Bob,I may be able to help. I run a Mobility Company and deal with Councils for DFG's

( Disability Financial Grants). Firstly they must get competetive quotes, this results in getting a lower price and that all companies have a good record and have passed all tests.They will recomend companies and you can get your own to provide quotes,so you will have surveys from at least 2 companies.Your OT will also be involved. Hope this helps, contact me if you need any advice(PS I also have a lung condition so know how you feel) keep your spirits up , Terry


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