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Mum has Secondary Cancer in the Lungs from Breast Cancer


Hiya, i just wanted to know if anyone was out there that has somebody they know that has had breast cancer and now has lung cancer. My mum has this now and I am finding it very hard to cope with.

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I went through this with my mum and my heart goes out to you. You think you're through with one and and then the other rears its ugly head. As this settles in your ability to cope will come. Love your mum, use this knowledge of what may come as a tool to be as complete as you can be and say what you need to say. Lean on those you can and speak your thoughts. God is always listening too.

Hi, my Mum has the same thing and it's devastating isn't it? The good news is that Mum is in remission now, 18mths after her diagnosis and there are signs of healing on her latest scan. She is being cared for at The Christie hosptital in Manchester and they don't want to see her for 6 mths now which is very encouraging. When we first found out she had secondarys she was very poorly, lost loads of weight was very feeble but now is actually fitter than I am! She has a "seize the day" mentality that I find very inspiring and she is determined to enjoy her life no matter what is thrown at her, she's a very brave lady! The two of us having breathing problems makes life difficult sometimes, but we have a very supportive family and we support each other too.

hope your Mum starts to improve too

Mrs S xx

Hello emmakaylan

I have cared for loved ones in the past, but not with these 2 particular health issues. I am so sorry you are both having to cope with this and I wish you both strength.

Really helpful posts from your friends.

Gentle healing hugs to you both.

Love to you both

C xxx

I do not know anyone like this apart from members on here. I hope there is an improvement soon xxxxx

God will be with you.

Thank you to everyone for your messages. It s a hard road to follow but the challange goes on. She is now having radiotherapy 6 days a week. Its just getting harder and harder. Shes so tired. We will keep fighting. xx


In 2011 It was discovered after an x-ray that I had a lesion on my lung and liver, my consultant said cancer was at the top of his list, luckily I practice Buddhism and decided cancer was not at the top of my list, after a lot of chanting and 2 lung biopsy's the consultant said the lesions were getting smaller and thought it could now have been an infection I had, I know it was my faith that helped me like a lot of people b4 if anyone is interested in learning more. All the best to u and your mum

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