2013 A NEW YEAR>>>>>>>>>>>> LITERALLY

I was diagnosed with Boop Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia almost three years now. I am tired of feeling tired, sick, and not being able to breathe. It's a new year and a new life for me. I am going to try to eat better and excercise, even if I just walk. It has to be better than nothing....... what I am doing now. I tried weight watchers before and it worked for me. I am going to join next week. I was going to join this week, but decided to have fun for a week first. I am going to go to the casino with my family and eat at a buffet and just enjoy life this week. Eat what I want and when I want. Have fun. Then start weight watchers next week and stick to eating a more healthier diet. A new way of eating, not really dieting. Seems like when I am on that diet, I watch what I eat alot better and not go fr the junk food. It's also interesting to listen to the hour long meeting, even though some think its boring. Secretly, I like it. This is going to be tough for me as I have a habit of eating what I want when I want and then paying for it later. I am tired of paying for it later. I want to eat healthier, exercise and eat sleep better too. Maybe if this happens then the rest of my life will just fall into place. That includes my breathing. I am not over weight by alot just want to lose enough weight to look good and feel better. I think my breathing will be better too. It's hard to cope with my BOOP. It seems like no one really understands what I go through. My husband helps me and tries to keep our bedroom cool around 63 degrees so it's not so hot that I can't breathe. I am also doing this new way of eating and excercise for him him. I am sure he is sick of me complaining that I can't breathe and I can't do things with him. It's so hard to go outside when it's too hot or too cold. I do things I enjoy like seeing my beloved NY Yankees play, but it takes me a couple of months to prepare to go to a game. Make sure I have enough inhalers for the weekend. May sure I have enough fans and batteries for them so I can have air moving to breathe. Make sure I have plenty of water to drink so I can keep m air ways clear. Make sure my clothing is cool enough and doesn't get me too warm. Figure out what I want to eat there so when I eat it it isnt too dry and I choke. Also I have to make sure I leave enough time to get to the game because I get tired of walking and hard to breathe also. I need to rest. So I do get to do things I like I just have to prepare them in plenty of time. But I think if I eat better and excercise more often that will help the breathing and that will help my life get into a happier mode. We will see in a month. This week I continue to enjoy life and do what I want when I want. Next week I eat better and walk. We shall see. Good luck to me and my new adventures !!

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Good luck with your plans. x

Good Luck x

All the best for your new way of life, I'm sure you will achieve your goals as you seem to have a very positive attitude towards it. Take care, Richard.

what a great attitude - with that you will succeed in your plans. stretching your limits slowly rather than pushing through them is what my best yoga teacher taught me. x

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