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Lung Operation

Although I haven't written anything in my blog for sometime, I am sill struggling with my COPD or rather my short of breath which is coming more detrimental. Unfortunately, my physical exercises are very limited on account of my childhood polio and couple of major operations to my knee and hip. I think it is important for you to know that I live in Egypt where the level of rehabilitation or means of ascertaining the extent of the illness or measuring its effect are not available at the required standards. My local consultant, who I respect very much, recommended that I go abroad to a treatment diagnostic and rehabilitation center. Having lived in England for sometime during my university time and thereafter working in the city of London I intend to come to the Royal Brompton Hospital for that purpose while, at the same time, the idea of going through a lung volume reduction procedure could be an option. I was also told that such procedure may either by through surgery or the placement of valve within the airways of the lungs.

I would be very grateful if any of you who has experienced any of those procedures help me understand what would be involved.

Hope you all have had an enjoyable holiday season. With my best wishes to all for a prosperous 2013.

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Hello Roushdy.

Sorry to hear you feel so bad. I'm not qualified to give advice but there are lots on here who can, it's a shame you can' t ring the helpline but being in Egypt that would be expensive what about e-mailing them.

Kim xxxx


Hi Roushdy, there are people here with the lung volume reduction procedure experience and the valve experience, I recall blogs or questions previously about this. If you put LVR and Valve into search box top right you may find some reading of interest.

Hopefully those with personal experience of these procedures will spot your blog too.

All good wishes to you too for 2013.


Hi Zoee,

Thanks Zoee for your reply. I followed your advice and searched LVR and was given a number of very useful information mainly from Johnwr. I must admit that I concluded from my reading that this procedure does not fit my circumstances or my actual condition. I may be needing it at a later date but right now my wife did not feel comfortable of having such procedure carried out in London while we live in Egypt since, according to John’s report, correction and follow up procedures may be necessary. Anyway, when I go to Royal Brompton, I will have a chance to discuss this further with Prof. Polkey who will be handling my case.

Thanks again and thank you all for taking the trouble and time,

Roushdy xxxx


Hello and welcome, Roushdy,

Again I am not qualified to give advice but agree with the above message. I am sure that someone will be able to advise - we are friendly people. Sincerely, Annie80


Good advice here. Hope some of it helps.


Hope someone can give you some advice Roushdy, as Zoee said it has been discussed before you should find something.

Lib x


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