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Department of Health's quit smoking campaign 2013 - what do you think?

Quitting smoking is one of the best ways to protect your lung health. Have you seen the Department of Health’s new stop smoking campaign? It comes in response to statistics that show more than a third of smokers still think the health risks associated with smoking are greatly exaggerated. What do you think?

Visit the BLF website to find out how you can stop smoking in 2013: or visit to find out where you can get free Quit Kits.

Have you given up smoking? Do you think this campaign will encourage others to quit? And of course share your tips for others who may be struggling!

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I've put what I think here.

Thanks for sharing! Very interesting thread there.

I agree with Puff. Shame we are not there as a dire warning!

Auntymary xx

The no smoking campaign as been going for quite some time now but needs to be continued in what ever way gets results. Agreed some of the adverts are gory but so is watching someone dying with breathing difficulties,so if it saves one life it has to be worth it, But I agree with others it should be clearer that lung cancer is not the only killer disease acquired by smoking.

Nobody wants to listen to the victims of smoking, those who have been hit with lung cancer or other illnesses as a direct result of smoking, until it's too late.

Then again, a lot of blame is put upon smoking as the cause of these conditions, yet there are many other factors that contribute. Although I smoked I know I've been exposed to other things too. I can't prove that getting pneumonia from a 'wet building' I worked in started my problems, but neither can the experts prove that it was through smoking.

The one thing that has really bugged me is that since I stopped smoking I've been hit over and over with chest infections. Once the tar and other gunk had cleared, the bugs have been able to get in. I'm told that if I had carried on smoking then I may be dead by now, but who can prove that? I may have smoked for many more years to come, and felt better for it.

They repeated the clip of 'Yes Minister' over the holidays, the one where Humphrey explains to the PM that it is not economical to stop people smoking to cut back on NHS costs in treating them as those who smoke die younger and will be less of a burden on pensions - or something like that anyway.

I'm an ex smoker with a lung condition, I don't believe half of what is being said in the stop smoking campaign. If the powers that be were so concerned they would have made smoking illegal years ago, but they are more concerned about the potential loss of taxes from the tobacco industry!

It stinks - pun intended !

I grew up thinking it was 'cool' to smoke, there were cowboys advertising Malbourers, Frank Sinatra smoking while he sang! etc.,etc., I think instead of treating us like a drain on society the gov' should be paying us compo out of all the tax they charged us for buying cigs for all those decades, they must have made a fortune. :(

I have seen it on the tv a few times and I must admit I have to look away, it makes me feel ill. I am doing it bit by bit at the moment xxxxx

im 72 69 a day 50 years workedf 50 years in steel works filthy inviorment more problems than smoking

Thanks for all your contributions - very interesting to read.

Given what you've said, if you could put out an advertising campaign to help people protect their lung health/give up smoking, what would you do?

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