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So confused can anyone help?

I am a 62 year old widow who was told she had C.O.P.D December 2011. I don't know if it is mild,but take it it must be as I wasn't given any other information. I have had an appointment

sent out to me for yearly check up but don't know what questions to ask. I was given Tiotropium and Ventolin and put on course of antibiotics at time.Can anyone help as to what I should be asking.

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Your best bet is to have a chat with someone at the BLF - give them a call on 03000 030 555, which is the same rate call as you pay for 01/02 numbers. They'll usually take some details and arrange to call you back. They have trained advisors and nurses who can go through this with you.

Above all, don't panic. Although it's never good news to find out you've been diagnosed with a chronic (long term, incurable) illness, it is not the end of the world. As you will find out here, there are many of us who have been ill for many years and through being diagnosed have been able to look after ourselves better, probably outliving some who don't have the illness!

Don't believe all you read on the Internet either. There are some quite scary sites out there that are full of doom and gloom, and even some with questionable remedies. Visit the main BLF website as a starter - blf.org.uk/Home, perhaps find a local Breathe Easy group to go to.

By all means ask questions here if you want to know things, most of us are only too happy to respond.

In a nutshell - Tiotropium (Spiriva) is a once a day dose that helps to keep your airways open. Salbutamol (Ventolin) is used to treat immediate symptoms, providing relief within a few minutes, should it be needed. Between the two you shouldn't suffer any nasty bouts of breathlessness as long as you take it easy and don't try to overdo it.

One of the things you will be asked is about smoking, if you do smoke then stop. Although smoking is often given as the biggest reason for COPD, it's not the only one, Pollution, working in certain environments or with materials like asbestos and other dust, pneumonia and other illnesses can all be a factor.

Have a read around on here, clicking 'clogs' or 'questions' at the top will give you pages of reading. Many of your questions will have been asked already.


Thank you Gordon 57 for your reply as you see i have updated year sorry about that . Have been watching this site for wee while now but didn't feel confident enough to ask. Going to give BLF a phone tomorrow. Thanx again.


Oops - put my foot in it again, I meant Blogs not Clogs in that last paragraph ! :D


Don't spoil it Gordon! The thought of clicking clogs has really made me chuckle - thanks for that!


Hi Downdie

We have lots of information on the BLF website here


and a free booklet you can order from here


for more immediate results why not ring the BLF helpline on 03000 030 555


And of course, I'm sure some of the wonderful contributors on here can help you with some advice.

Hope this helps


Looks like Gordon beat me to it!




Hi Downdie

Being diagnosed with a condition can be difficult to comprehend, unfortunately people sometimes are just told they have a certain condition but little else.

That is where we can come in - our dedicated helpline is open Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm - 03000 030 555.

Usually after diagnosis a person will be seen yearly (providing they are well), a spirometry test will be performed to check for any changes to the COPD.

It may well be worth contacting your practice nurse/COPD nurse for further specific information on your diagnosis.

Please feel free to call us to chat further. If you would like us to send you a free COPD pack which contains information on the condition, diagnosis, treatments etc please e mail us your address to helpline@blf.org.uk or call us on the helpline number.

Best Wishes



thank you Jo will give helpline a phone


Hi downdie. Glad you found the courage to join us! You are very welcome. Can't add to whats been said just wanted to say hi.

Bev x


Hi nice to hear from you x


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