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New Year New Beginings

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Hi Everyone hope you all had a happy new years eve with a good fresh start to the new year.Happy New Year To Everyone, good health,breathing, happiness and blogging in the coming year.

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Best to you to Katie. :)

Happy new year. Last year I quit smoking. This year I am going to lose all my excess weight (mostly gained through giving up smoking :()

Lynne xx

Hi Katie.Happy Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you too. I was asleep before midnight so never heard it arrive, not even one single firework and I was told today that it was very noisy. xxxxx

I told myself that 2013 was the year to turn myself around. Didn't last long...

Wife was working earlies, so had gone to bed. I celebrated the new year with a cup-a-soup and settled myself down just after midnight.

I woke up on New Years Day morning with a bad back, aching sides, stiff neck and feeling very cold as the covers had fallen to the floor.

Darned settee, I'm going back to sleeping the other way around again tonight. :D

Hi Katie! Very happy New Year to you.Love Wendells xx

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