New Year!!! New Year !!!! Healthunlockders

Another New Year comes to pass and lays before us many tasks including may the be:-












*****and many more 'ings'

Having a giggle once in a while!


Remember life is what we have

Light it with laughter

Try not to cry

And always never forget, your friendly Healthunlockder friends are always by your side.



Plenty of 'ings' at your local Breathe Easy Group.join now ,it's free.

Details BLF

21 Replies

  • There's one " ing " you forgot but it's a rude word . :)

  • Hahahahahahaha Puff ........ :O

  • I know the word you mean''MUCKING'' around

  • That sounds about right. :)

  • Lifes mad up of ings including laughing

  • Laughing is the best tonic for us

  • Love Breathe Easy always have a smash"ing" time.

    polly xx

  • Greek style? Throughing the tea cups and plates onto the floor

  • One more 'ing' we're all hoping and praying to do is .............. breathing !! :)

    Happy New Year everybody and thank you KOTC for the funnies, long may you carry on !

  • Dancing and laughing all the way thru the new year, lots of partying and not forgotting easy Breathing :) Have a great year one and all. x x zoee x x

  • Hope you enjoyed it.Is that head HANGING over

  • ***** Blogging with a smile :D

  • Nice one

  • I hope I will be enjoyING the New Year and wish the same to all! love Annie80

  • You will.I will keep you smiling.

  • heres looking forward and not back, happy new year,

    rose xxx

  • I am with you on that one

  • Quite right Rose xx

  • I agree! Think I can relate to all those ings!! Keep well, Wendells xxx

  • I suspect you know a few more ''INGS'' for the coming year Wendells

  • :) :) :)

    Bev x

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