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Hi...New Here....Have found your blogs v helpful ... can you COPD experts help me with some info?

Hi all

I was diagnosed with moderate COPD just over two years ago: Symbicort prescribed tho' I mostly did not use as I felt OK

I had an annual spirometry a few weeks ago, FEV1 down by 800ml!

I have since been screened for lung cancer ... thank god, have not got.

I have not had any exacerbations or any other major illnesses in the last two years, my lungs sometimes feel 'sore' but that's it.

Does anyone have any idea why my lung function should decrease so rapidly?

If so any info v much appreciated


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Not using the Symbicort that was prescribed by the doctorsis something that will not have helped keep the lungs as good as they can be, the other thing is have you had Pulmonary Rehab yet that can be a positive for all cases. Another thing that speeds decline is smoking and it is hard for a lot of us stopping after so long but have to do it.

Hope this helps


Ask the person who did the spirometry to explain it fully to you. Or your GP if you have more faith in him. We are mostly not 'experts' on here, and we all appear to be very different, so what is right for us may not be for you.


Hello Bolilly and welcome.

As said above if you still smoke, that would probably explain the decline. Stopping smoking is the biggest thing you can do. If you have stopped though, it might be you are not getting enough exercise.

With COPD there is a tendancy not to do things as it makes you out of breath. The lungs need that exercise to stay as healthy as possible. Another aspect might be if you have lost or gained too much weight. A healthy BMI is also important.

You might want to chat things over with the experts on the BLF helpline.

Lynne xx


Hi Bolilly,

Good to hear from you and I agree with all of the above. COPD is a progressive disease, which impacts on our general health by a nasty inflammation in the lungs and other parts of the body. The best way of slowing this potentially unpleasant outcome is to regularly take medication which is prescribed by your GP/Specialist as prescribed, stop smoking ( if you are still smoking) eat healthily, including lots of red/orange coloured fruit and veg to benefit from antioxidants, keep fit, ask for a referral to Pulmonary Rehab. or at least an exercise referral - A fit body helps us to use oxygen more efficiently. Try to gain a balance between exercise and allowing your body time to recover. Eg don't push it! Rest when you need to but as someone has already pointed out on this forum, rest can be the enemy.

So I wish you a very happy Christmas and a fabulously healthy New Year. Yay!


Welcome bolilly, not sure about the FEV1 and 800ml down as an indication in deterioration, if its been a rapid deterioration you need to get checked again with your doc, medication review if that is not working for you, check to see if you do not have a lung infection etc etc. Its important you act quickly on this in order to preserve your lungs. We can recover from lung infections, we cannot recover damaged lungs. Lung infections if left untreated can lead to further lung damage.

Taking your symbicort as prescribed, may well help you, on a daily basis not when you feel like you need it.

Not taking your medicine will affect your FEV1% no doubt and your symptoms will worsen as a result. Also this time of year is difficult especially with all this damp we have been having. As mentioned previously if you are still smoking you will more rapidly deteriorate, same if you passive smoke or are just in contact with smoke through people burning fires etc.

Good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


What great advice from Zoee,yes symbicort has to be taken regularly to be effective. I also endorse what moose said about pulmonary rehab, i'm sure it would be a great help to you, and explain about all the different medications.

Good luck with it all,Happy Christmas, Wendells xx


Hi, as others have said, you need to use your Symbicort every day as prescribed as it's a preventative, not a reliever. I could not mange without this drug, I'd be on the floor gasping my last without it! Libby x


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