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Monthly Treat :)

When I gave up smoking (quite a while ago) I decided that as I had been burning money and not missing it - if I had I probably would have given up earlier!! - then I would put the money in a new bank account and I called the account the FAG a/c. The FAG stood for

F = For A= Anything G = Good over the time this account has paid for books, art, trips out etc get the picture BUT one thing it has done on a monthly basis is pay for me to have a massage.

This massage is the best investment I have ever made and I know that at least one night a month I will have a good sleep so the purpose of this little missive is to suggest to one and all if you get your chance have a massage and even better is if you can find someone who will come to your home that way you can really relax.

Well that is all for now as I have had mine today and I am so relaxed I am falling asleep already. Try it if you can :)

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Take care if they use aroma oils some make me cough a lot then my chest aches more than ever. So sleepy after massage it can not be mixed with anything else, exercise, bathing or going out.

Good for winter pamper when nothing else to do :-)


I only have lavender oil as I know that I am ok with that and Amy mixes it just for me so it is not too strong. When she was unable to do it once one of her friends nearly killed me because she didn't believe me when I told her to dilute her oils LOL


Couldn't agree more Jandan, I would have one every day if I could. Have you tried the hot stones therapy as well, absolutely gorgeous :)


I love having a massage. We too have put our 'smoking' money into a savings account. I'm ashamed to say for two of us it's £400 per month. We are going to a hotel for Christmas this year, with that money paying the bill AND I have booked for an Indian head and neck massage whilst there.

Lynne xx


It is amazing isn't it Lnne and yet when I smoked I argued more than once that I wasn't spending that much I just wish my husband was still here so I could say "you were right I was burning a fortune"


Now that really does appeal! Happy pampering! and have a lovely break Lynne and hubby


Thank you xxxxx


Congratulations to you, and what a great idea.It is soo relaxing!!

Enjoy your holiday,and be very proud of yourself,Wendells xx


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