Choice of buggies!

I am changing my buggy for the second time this year. Previously I had a wonderful buggy which took me all over the UK but it had really been worn out by constant usage. I decided to get a smaller one in June, lighter and more shop friendly. This was a mistake. I felt every bump in the pavement and found dropped kerbs almost painful - they shook me up and the "dashboard" was very sensitive to wet. Possibly my fault.

Since the buggy mentioned above, has again gone wrong - I have now decided to get a larger model, a shop rider (not advertising!). I have an old one on trial which I really like, so much so that I will be ringing Cambridge Mobility tomorrow to order a new one. So comfortable and and not too obtrusive to people on the pavement. Walking for me any distance isn't an option.

Just said all this for anyone thinking about a buggy - just go for it. Have fun! Good second ones if you haven't the pennies.

Bye from Annie80

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  • Not had the need for one yet, but good for you. You are worth the best you can find :d

  • glad of the recommendation as a friend by me has m.s and is in need of a bigger one.but needs to be cheep cheep.xx

  • There are good cheap secondhand buggies out there but you need to shop around. Dont go for the really big ones, Just something for your needs. Tell your friend to enjoy and have fun, bearing in mind the fellow pedestrians. .

  • This is not the place for it, I know, but PLEASE don't go too fast in it - I live in Bracknell and the town centre is an minefield for me! If I am wheezy and can't walk very fast I have to keep a sharp eye out for those blasted buggies whizzing past me at speed. I'm sure you're not one of them Annie, but I think they should be fitted with speed inhibitors!

  • I'm an old man with a big tank as described by Anne, I drive a Breeze 4 on the road, I use the pavements as little. it may to know it does have a speed inhibiter, 4mph on the pavement and 8mph on the road. It is illegal to go faster than 4mph on the pavement so if someone is whizzing i.e. at 8mph report them, use your mobile camera to get a picture. As far as wheezy goes, I have COPD and other conditions and can't walk at all, before I got my big tank I was confined to my home for 2 years, it changed my life. BTW the bane of my life is women with dirty great Chelsea tractors parking outside schools with no regard for anyone.

  • Kaiserdad I sympathise with you on the Chelsea Tractors issue - little varmints should walk to and from school anyway....

    My problem with buggies is not on roads or pavements - it is in the town centre shopping mall, surely us pedestrians have right of way there? I wish I could calculate their speed, I didn't realise there was a limit. Annie, I do have deep feelings about these speed merchants - have been scared too many times. Will take my umbrella and give them a poke in their, well, their wheels I suppose.

  • Tend to agree - their buggies are too big for the local supermarket. Me on my buggy give them a wide berth. But I am sure Kaiserbill isn't one of them!!

  • Not actually supermarket Annie, A large covered two storey shopping centre. Hope I haven't upset Kaiserbill, but if ever you are in Bracknell come into Princess Square and I'll give you some experience - happens all the time!

  • Thanks, Stitch, maybe I should have a word with my local bobby about it. I know I'm not the only one who gets annoyed.

  • No, I am certainly not one of these speed merchants, believe me. I am a retired nurse and |I am very, very conscious of speeding buggies - big tanks driven by old men. In fact I tell pedestrians that they have the right of way. You obviously have deep feelings about fast buggies, have a go at them!!! Poke them with your walking stick if you have one.

  • You got that right - big tanks driven by old men - with no eye contact at all and a stoney look on their faces. I am going to take a stand and smile at them all and say "Goofd Day!!"

  • Alright I know we have to be careful of pedestrians but they need to take care of us too. they can be walking on the right side of you and suddenly turn across in front of you to go in a shop on the left! I am sure it is because we are low down and silent they don't really see us. I keep telling my husband I need an orange flashing light on a pole like the forklifts lol!!

  • I always stop if I see children running around. One run into the front of the buggy. I had stopped, thank goodness. Constantly on the watch, like you say, carole, people dont see us! When they see us, they wish that they could have a buggy, I reply, enjoy your activity.

    Behind a couple walking, for whatever reason, they suddenly stop dead. They ignore the hooter so I call out.

  • Morning annie80. When i read your post this morning i was half asleep and i thought i read you wanted to change your budgie for the second time this year. I felt so sorry for the poor little budgie then i read it again after a cup of coffee and realised you are talking about a buggy. Lol.



  • Curled up here, sylb. Dont do budgies, bless their little hearts. If I was to keep a bird, hard choice between a parrot and an owl. But neither would feel happy with the cat.

  • They wouldn't live long either annie80. :)

  • What a load of buggies!!!!

  • Hi, KingoftheCynics. Tongue in cheek - I hope so! We like friendly banter - do join us!!

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