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Well, I wrote to my MP in the house of commons, I got a reply today.

It stated that although he was very sympathetic, there was nothing at all he could do due to the new legislation. He advised me to keep contacting the benefits recovery dept untill I got through to a more sympathetic operator. After 9 phone calls (on differnent days) I finally got through to somebody who lives in the real world. She listened to my struggle to pay the £23.66p a week they were taking, and after going through all my income and outgoings she dropped it to £11.00 per week, The absolute minimum they can accept is £10.65p per week, that is on the means tested ESA, I am on the contribution based ESA and the minimum is set at £23.66p per week.So to have it dropped from £23.66p to £11.00p per week is great for me. It's not ideal but a heck of a lot better than before. I am now £12.66p a week better of. Although what annoyed me most was the overpayment was equivelent to £5.10p per week, and as it was THIER fault, I should of thought that they should only reclaim it at £5.10p per week.

Still I can manage a bit better now as I am £50.64p per month better of than I was 2 days ago.

My next worry is now over the DLA, I am more or less bound to get kicked of it when they do the PIP's as I am only on the lower rate DLA carers allowance.

All these new laws/changes and legislations are making me very ill with worry, as I suffer from, recent heart attack/angina/OCD,GAD and COPD.

Why can't they just leave us alone.

I mentioned to my GP about finding a job, and he laughed in my face and said "are you kidding- NO WAY can you return to work" and that's the truth.

best wishes


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Hi vangellis

I am glad you have had a reduction, although I think it dreadful you have to pay it anyway. Not to mention how ill and distressed all these changes are having on one of the most vulnerable groups. As your doc indicates there is nothing the sick and disabled can do to change their lot. Disgusting.

Good for you for fighting your corner.

Love XXX

Good result. x

Hi vangellis glad you hear you have had a reduction, not an ideal outcome, but at least a Good Result.

The Welfare reform Act is - Just wrong on so all levels - Causing unecessary stress and worry to the most vulnerable groups.

Welldone for you fighting your corner and do get help if needed with BLF,CAB, ect for DLA pip ect Good Luck BBX

More often their mistake in 2 -3% of cases clerical error on DWP own figures with fraud only at 0.5%

That tells us why they are getting the payments back as it comes to loads more than fraud ever has in a decade of paying out DLA it has always been that way.

Glad you finaly found a decent person to reduce your outgoings! its a disgrace that you have to suffer because of their mistakes, I had a problem with working tax credits they insisted I owed them money that I had refused to claim! The new 'law' is they can reclaim any monies overpaid even if its not your fault.Hope you can manage a little better surviving on so little!,be strong and try to stay positive,love Carol x

Hi Vangellis, I am so so sorry to hear of your plight. It angers me that people who are really ill, either terminally or in other ways that are permanent have to struggle and fight to get what they need. I too have just been awarded D.L.A after a two or three year battle. I even had to attend a tribunal and lost even though they could see on the panel that I could barely move let alone walk with the pain. I am 48 years old and riddled with Rheumatoid arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, Tinnitus and Labyrinthitis.I was also found to have had a suspected heart attack nearly two months ago and am supposed to be seeing a heart specialist. I too believe that after taking care with two very difficult children statemented with special needs, the government trying to force me out to work has made me very ill from the stress with worry about having my money stopped if I didn't return to work. I am on E.S.A contribution based in the support group and they take £5.00 from me benefit a week, they were taking £12.00 which I appealed about and they agreed the £5.00 was acceptable. It's such a shame that the likes of people like us have to practically die before any one listens to us. Stay strong hun and don't quit the battle. I'll prey for you that you get the help you NEED!. Best wishes,


Im glad they have reduced it for you although i know its still a struggle, im in same boat at mo it use to be if they had overpaid u and you and it was there fault ie they had been informed of your circumstances, then they couldnt demand it back. That has obviously changed now, however the stress and illness it causes people is so unfair and i wish they would be more understanding of the stress they are causing. Good luck hun and keep well xx

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