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Visit to COPD nurse yesterday

Have a chest infection, first since July, so went to see the COPD nurse at my surgery, as I was the last I felt I could ask her quite a few questions, she answered them all patiently and fully and I told her it was because I had been on this site and she said that was very good because she thought that everyone should find out as much as they can about their complaint. She also told me to make an appointment with my GP who is also my consultant to ask him about pulmonary valves! Hope you are all keeping warm and as well as you can be.

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Hello caroleoctober,

Great news!!!! Are we making progress at last?

See my blogs about pulmonary valves and breathing.

The best information about valves that I have been able to find is on this website:

and follow the international link..

Hope this helps.

breathe easy



Glad you are getting very proactive treatment sweet with a very enlightened nurse who is not intimidated by patients gaining knowledge from a reputable site - we have already seen some medics do not share this view.

Love C xxx


So glad your finally making some progress.

Keep safe.



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