Housing benefit cuts

I thought I'd share that I received a letter from my local council telling me I under occupy my house therefore my HB will be cut by 14% from 1/4/13

I emailed them explaining I have a room, my daughter has a room and the small room is used by my carer 5 times a week which I pay for out of my full DLA ( as the council cut my care last year )

They emailed back saying there is NO provision to provide a room for an overnight carer.

I then replied saying oh yes there is, it states clearly on the governments own website.

They replied saying I've read it wrong so I copied and pasted it and I'm now waiting for a reply on that!!


Anyone else encountering this kind of thing?

Hope everyone's well in this horrible damp weather


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  • Got to love it. The floodgates will open very soon. Fight the good fight and keep warm.

  • What on earth is this country coming to. ??????

  • Ethiopia for want of a better word.

  • I find it hilarious that I'm telling them! If they want to charge me 14% then fine....see how the council like being taken to court! I am not paying it when I know I'm right.

  • I don't know what council you come under, but I was lead to beleive that childern had to have a room too themselves after surtain age, i think as well don't the council under law have the duty of care to make sure that the childern are not left homeless, or even forced into homelessness by their actions, get to your local MP, sound it out with them.

  • The children have to be different genders and I think both genders have to be over the age of seven to have separate rooms .

  • This link will show you how their logic pans out.


    truly mind boggling reading.

  • yay its truly mind boggling - rules also apply for current or potential foster children!

  • Stand your ground Mike this appalling behaviour makes me so angry, you pay for your carer out of your own pocket and now they want to cut you housing benefit.



  • Well. I put a claim in for it earlier this year after my husband left and I had less than £22 a month to live on. Fast forward a few months and my claim was successful. I cried I was so happy. I had a letter this week too telling me the same and my first reaction was, thats pants. They give it to me then take it away. But having re-read it, I make out that I will still be a lot better off with them taking 14% off me as I have two yound daughters and a 3 bed house.

    I could move to a smaller house but this is our home and my children are entitled to their own bedroom, it's their space. At the end of the day I will still have more money with it after the discount than before.

    My mum always reminds me that back in her days there were no benefits like tax credits etc and if you didn't work you didn't have the money. I work part time but know that I would be financially better off, NOT working but I choose to work. I have worked since leaving school and have been brought up with the mantra, if you can't afford it, you don't have it. If you want it, you save for it.

    But referring to what you said Mike, I can quite easily believe what you are saying, years ago when my hubby was out of work we applied for housing benefit and got turned down because we had 1 child and 3 bedrooms, when in fact we were entitled to it. We just had to have a reduction. It sucks!

  • Thanks Karen, I know I'm right! I need a carer because I have a spinal cord injury and have had 2 strokes. I know full well there are people far worse off than myself health wise but I, along with everyone else, will be losing the £50 severe disability allowance added to our ESA support group but now an extra £14 a week will mean 4 less sacks of logs to keep the wood burner going. I live in a very old house with no heating at all and rely on the wood burner to keep the whole house warm...which it doesn't...so I'll be spending most of my time in hospital with severe chest infections....but hey...at least I'll be warm there!!!

    Mike x

  • Mmike110 ........... Have you got a link to the info regarding the scrapping of the £50 severe disability allowance payment for ESA SG? Many thanks.

  • I am going into despair mode. All this tut about we are all in it together - it is the sick and disabled it seems to me who are copping it at every turn.

    It's not simply a case of choosing work - we would all choose work (even me and I'm a pensioner, but would love to work) it's about being able to work.

    I feel so angry on your behalf Mike - good to hear you're fighting your corner. Good luck sweet and please let us know what happens.

    Loe C XXX

  • Hi Mmike My thoughts are with you what this goverment is doing is criminal.

    I also have been sent a letter reguarding housing benefit and under occupancy - which I can not afford as I only get JSA as fighting for DLA at present - My main concern is for my daughter who is on a university scholarship in the USA and who is coming home at xmas and is back for 3-4 months in the summer this too is classed as under occupancy! I have been so stressed this week there are no one bed flats for me to move to and even if I did I would then make my daughter homeless -- after fighting so hard for her education against all the odds I am so scared when or if she finds out she will give up her education thinking she can help me out......CAB for me tomorow Viva la revolution take care BBxx

  • Hi BB

    If you contact your council you should find that your daughter is still classed as an occupant even while she is away at university. I had 'the letter' back in September as I am in a two bedroom bungalow . I contacted them to ask if it applied to people with kids away at uni and they said no, it wouldn't apply and to disregard the letter. P.

  • Thanks parvati - I will try cardiff council and ask again tommorow when I asked on monday they said I was under occupying even though Jess at university? !But I have been to CAB to day and feel better at least and they have helped break things down into steps I need to do and have their help for DLA to try again or appeal and for ESA should apply and need help with forms ect and for the bedroom tax as well. Take care Parvati and breathe easy BBx

  • Thank you blackbird, I hope you find some solution to your daughter and housing problems too.

    It's seems WE are in this together but that excludes everyone who is well off with no health, job or money worries.

    Would it be easier for the government if we all just disappeared now...I'd put my head in the oven for them only I don't have gas hahaha! Seriously though we ALL need to fight this together.

    My bed is calling so goodnight everyone, sweet dreams, sweet breathing and here's to a happy week ahead.

    Love Mike x

  • Thanks Mmike - You and me both - I said the same thing at CAB today - I'd put my head in the gas oven - only the meter has run out and theres no Gas hahaha! The CAB lady was pleased I still had sense of humour.... Seriously though if you haven't been to the CAB or Age concern do go as they can help.

    Breathe Easy take Care BBX

  • It seems britaine will become a third world country in the next few years and for some is know old dissabled cant aford fule bills and now have to find moore money to stay in thire homes can any one tell me if these people have to move who will move into the property asilum seekers .

    I hope no one will be forced to move

  • Mike, you are quite right to fight this in your case. I do have some support for the changes though. I know someone who lives on her own in a 3 bedroom house. Yet our son and Dil were having to live in a tiny 1 bed flat with their baby.

    The council told them that the rules now allow a child to sleep in the same room as their parents up to age 18. They couldn't have got another proper bed in their bedroom!

    They were also told that children of different sexes, including step brothers and sisters can share a room until age 18 now. Ridiculous.

    It is perhaps fair that people can be moved around to make it better for everyone. Although I can understand that this is a real upheaval.

    As I say though, you are right to fight this in your situation.

    Lynne xx

  • well I guess the floodgates are open we have just received our notification from the council saying we have to pay the 20% band......oh joy £20 a week we dont have. Well time to move I guess, just what I need in my condition. Fight the good fight Mike.

  • Hi Mike, omg is there anything they are not cutting now? maybe they should concentrate more on what the mps are wasting than people in genuine need!! good luck with it though hope goes in your favour xx

  • Lynne, thank you...indeed everyone thank you. Lynne the council are wrong in your case too. Children of different sexes OVER 10 can not share the same room and at least one bedroom must be available for the over 6's. I've just checked for you. Get back on to the council and start complaining hard for your son and grandson.

    Good luck

    Mike xx

  • Thanks Mike.

    Lynne xx

  • Oh wow - It seems the council gives out false information in hopes that a good % will not fight it even though they know it to be false info. Theses people should be fired from their jobs when proven to be wrong due to the added stress this causes. Maureen usa

  • God almighty what is this country coming to??? Can we all leave the country and come back as illegal immigrants please? We will get every benefit you can name then. I am totally disgusted. My friend has a two bed council flat and her husband has had his both legs amputated. Obviously she can't sleep in the same bed as he is in considerable discomfort. What will happen to them? Doesn't bear thinking about the misery this stupid legislation is going to cause. I am so very sorry for everyone that will be affected. Is this what my Granddad, Dad and Mum fought in the wars for?

  • Not being able to sleep in the same bed is not taken in to account! However it's worth noting that these new cuts will not affect any pensioners.

    Hope your friends are of pensionable age so they are not forced to pay the 14% under occupancy fee or have to move Gucci.

    Mike x

  • i posted on this a long time ago and it seems only now that people like mike are taking not my link is on here above....

  • Roger, I don't log on here every day so I clearly missed your post, I do apologise for not sorting my life out quicker but having a spinal cord injury most days I'm laid up in bed!

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