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I hope everybody is feeling well today in this mild, damp weather.

On the news today is the announcement that energy companies are going to be forced to reduce the number of tariffs availble to make the system easier to understand, although critics say this could make to cheapest tariffs disappear.

Energu UK are urging peope to call the Hoem Heat Helpline to check if they are entitiled to any help with their heating - apparently 1 in 10 people are eligible.

0800 33 66 99.

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Hi Jo

With regard to help with the heating, is this in regard to the Warm Home Discount annual payment, or is it in addition to that?

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Rang that number Jo. Lady very helpful. This is an actual rebate we may get nothing to do with loft insulation etc. She tried to put me through to my energy supplier (NPower) but their lines are down so she`s getting them to ring me. Fingers crossed everybody- give it a go. Sheila

I rang my electricity supplier yesterday but even though I am a pensioner on attendance allowance and receive other benefits I don't receive pension credit therefore I do not qualify. I don't qualify for pension credit because my husband receives £14 a month private pension!

Same for me caroleoctober. Seemingly there`s no need to apply. If you are entitled the DWP notifty you `cos they have all your details already. But it was worth a try. Sheila

my understanding of the warm home discount is that if you are on pension credit its automatically paid by DWP, Those not on pension credit have to meet the criteria set by there individual electric supplier, for income, disability, family size &age , claiments age ect. It has to be claimed by yourself on application to your electricity supplier.Most companies do have the criteria on their webpage on line,but do not actually inform you if you meet the criteria even when you are registered on their priority vunerable customer list. So the motto is make a claim just incase your entitled or you may lose it as I myself did last year as I thought only those on pesion credit got it if you were retired . This is not a payment for pensioners only, it is for low income families some of whom may be pensioners or disabled.

Hi Everyone

There are people are there who are getting this rebate - the £130 is better off in your pocket.

The following link has all the relevant information about this rebate scheme.


As always please call us if we can help.

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