Number of Huffs - does it matter?

I've just been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and have been given breathing exercises to help clear my lungs. I do have an infection at the moment and am on my 3rd week of antibiotics.

What I was wondering was, the exercises say to do 1-2 huffs however would it do my lungs any harm if I were to do more huffs? I've tried it and it does help me bring secretions up.

I won't be having Physio until January so it's a long time to be doing something if it's wrong.

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  • I have to tell you to be careful as I was shown how to huff at pr about a year ago I had lung infection one of my bad ones and could not get mucus so i huffed a lot for about 2to3 hrs and finished up with a very sore throat and very painful when I swallowed I think I strained my throat so do what you think helps but dont go too hard at it it took about 7 days for my throat to feel totally comfortable hope this helps.

  • please dont do any more huffs than what you have been told to do.yes it does shift the gunk but like ponteyorky says,it can cause other problems.hope you feel better soon.

  • To Cusbarb re "Huffing", do get a prescription from Dr. for Mucodyne

    (Carbocisteine) Syrup. Works a treat for me, no need for "huffing"!.

    Bye the way, where is Gordon ? Have I missed something? Basinga.

  • i have this lung condition, i have had steriod inhaler which i have had to have for 8wks and now i am not to use it until i see my specialist 24 th jan. i had to have 2 puffs twice a day.

    i had good news yesterday i am being refered to a respiratory physiotherpist

    always remember you are not alone.

  • Although you will not be having Physio until January they would not mind you phoning for advice if you are unsure. I usually do thee huffs as this is what I was taught but we all different. Phone your respatiory physio.

    Best wishes

    Jo :-)

  • Thanks for all your comments, I appreciate it. I'm so glad we have these forums.

  • Hi Cusbarb

    Defo telephone the physios for some advice - they won't mind at all. Do you know if your bronchiectasis is scattered in both lungs or if it is localised. I was just thinking until you get your appointment you might want to put about three pillows on the bed and lay over them from the hips so your head is on the bed. Try do a little huffing that way. 2 doesn't sound much, but don't go mad. The gravity may help move the gunk a bit. I would suggest postural draining with percussion, but you really need to be taught by your physio. Please ask about an acapella when you go - you will probably find it very beneficial. Make sure your physio goes through different methods with you and different gadgets like the acapella to make sure you have the best method for gunk clearance for you. Clearing the gunk is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

    Good luck


  • Great advice.

  • BTW has your consultant mentioned nebulising saline to help shift some gunk? Worth a mention.


  • Thank you Cofdrop, I'll give the pillows a try & will mention saline to my consultant. So far, apart from physio, he hasn't mentioned any other methods which is why these forums are so valuable.


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