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Hi, I'm new to this forum

Just been diagnosed with copd two months ago, having known for a while something was wrong. My GP then, was adamant i had asthma, but i knew it was more severe than that, having given up smoking 5 years ago, my sypmtoms have been getting worse, but he wouldn't listen, in the end i changed my GP and got it sorted out.

I have been reading alot of posts and blogs by different people, i am like other newly diagnosed people very confused and overwhelmed by all the information available.

My GP says i am at the lower end of the spectrum, and we are working to find the correct medication to control the tight chest and breathlessness and the dreaded constant coughing.

I enjoy reading the posts to know i'm not the only one, and realise there are people a lot worse off the me.



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Hello and welcome.


Hello there. You are not the only one, there are loads of us.Welcome.

Lynne x


Warm welcome to you X


Welcome Mark I only joined in July dont post very often but visit every evening learnt such a lot about copd from the lovely people on here xx


Hi mark,

and welcome to our site i hope to hear a lot more from you,

rose xxx


hi Mark, welcome.

its horrible when you're first diagnosed and if it wasn't for sites like this we would be lost.

takes a bit of time for them to get your meds right but once they have it will improve things for you so just bear with it.

at the end of the day we are all here and are happy to answer your questions ( if we can)



Hello Mark, Nice to meet you. I am in a similar position to yourself having been diagnosed with Asthma last spring while knowing all the time I have one of the conditions which come under the heading of COPD .

Thanks to one of the BLF nurses on here I gained the confidence to go back to the Dr and ask to have my situation (which is getting gradually worse) reviewed. I also got my medication switched from Qvar to Seretide which seems to suit me better.

I now have an appointment to see a consultant in early December so I hope to have a proper diagnosis then.

The problem I have found with many doctors is they don't actually listen to what you are telling them or ignore/dismiss the symptoms you describe to them.


Hi mark yes being diagnosed is very daunting but at least you now know that its not all in your head. The web community is very supportive and can be fun too. Don't feel your on your own because we all get days when we feel like that, have you had a ct scan yet? to see if there is anything else that the dr can help you with? hope you stay with us regards emma


Hiya mark

A big welcome from me as well.


Hello Mark,sorry you have this rotton c.o.p.d., :)


Hello Mark and welcome

I'm quite new to the site myself and was only diagnosed earlier this year, you'll find all the help you ned here.



Welcome to a very supportive crowd. I recently joined and great people here, and with a GSOH


how are you today? you are among friends, if you need advice or just want a chat this site is the best, you will have many question,so what ever the question the answer will come.

Good luck



Hi Emma

Haven't had a CT scan yet, just chest xray and lung tests, and various blood tests

am on spriva and seretide for now, next is meds for phlegm reducing, my GP says, then he is gonna refer me to specialist.

having pneumonia jab tomorrow, had flu already.

it just seems as soon as i feel a little better i get a cold and its back to square one.

Thanks for listening



Hi Mark. Welcome to the site. I hope you find it useful. I was diagnosed in June and since then my life has dramatically changed. it's been four months of doctors, hospitals, scans, paperwork and more paperwork. I was advised to stop working as I was 'unfit for environment '. This part of my life only concluded last week - so I am still adjusting. It'll take time to adjust to a new way of life but we've all done it and so will you. I've re joined English Heritage, enrolled on an evening class, re-joined the gym (you may get this on prescription) and I keep my Oyster card topped up. I am determined that this part of my life is going to be as wonderful as the last part. It's not easy and there are times I sit and cry for what should/could have been - but that's negative and destructive. I have slowed down and need to accept this - but it is difficult after 30 years of getting up early and racing around all day - but I am getting there.The good days now out weigh the bad. Keep your self surrounded by positive people - they are a gift!!


I too am new to this site, I was diagnosed as having COPD 2yrs ago,I was told that I have abit of Emphysema and Bronchiesis and that I should use a puffer night and morning(Symbicort) plus a Ventolin whenever required) my Ventolin is in a disc with measured doses.

I seem to collect Mucus at the back of my throat, which is difficult to clear,and this in itself,seems to be clogging the airways which in turn makes me hyperventilate in order to get more air in,this in turn makes my throat dry and I end up using more of the ventolin to try and open the airways....any idea out there.


Hi Mark,

Are you on any medication ?

I use a puffer night and morning called Symbicort ,plus measured dose of Ventolin as and when needed.

I have recently increased from 1 puff night and morning to 2 puffs. Because I now have Polymyalgia Rheumatica, and have to take steroids for some time,they have made me put on weight, not good for the COPD,and this causes me to be a bit breathless, so there are times when I have to use the Ventolin more. also the changes in the weather does not help

I was told that when the weather is cold, I should cover my nose and mouth when outside.



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