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Hi HealthUnlockders

A couple of weeks ago I fitted radiator heat reflectors behind my radiators.I have been able to adjust my heat settings downwards and found a comfortable warmth level.Also saving a few pennies! Do not use kitchen foil as it can crease and collect dust releasing it into the air when your heating is on,not good for breathing.

Richard Cornish

Breathe Easy =Friendship

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Radiator reflectors really help.

Last winter, we invested in new curtains which have a sandwiched thermal layer in the middle. They were not cheap but they have made a massive difference to our lounge which always seemed so cold before.

Worth every penny.

Lynne xx

We've gone a bit further with this type of insulation. We don't have radiators but do have cold walls, especially places like under the bay window. We live in an old terraced house.

I bought some of the liner stuff which is a metallic foil on one side and the white foam stuff, like old kitchen ceiling tiles, on the other. A layer of that, foil side to the wall, has made a big difference.

I've also used it in the bedroom, where I built some wall to wall wardrobes in. The outside wall used to get black damp patches through condensation but I've used the liner there as well and that seems to have stopped them.

I just didn't have enough left of the roll to wrap around my legs.

Well did you have enough to make a breastplate to keep your chest warm or a little cap as they say you lose a lot of heat through your head, but I think some people spout a lot of hot air but thankfully not on here

do you get the stuff for radiators from somewhere like B and Q .

Hi angie12.Yes you can ,but I

Bought mine of the net.Richard Cornish.

Breathe Easy = friendship

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