I'M A GRANNY ( scooter rider!!!!)

So the other half sold his old banger so we could put it towards a granny scooter - but we had a stroke of luck, someone was selling one with a few minor faults for £200.

So off me and Paul (my son) toddles to have a look.

Paul said buy it - it will take a few minutes to fix !!!

gets home and before i had the first sip of my tea hes sterling moss up and down the road !!!!

so now i am the proud owner of a granny scooter - have to admit tho....

LOVE IT!!!!! :)

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Congrats. Don't go running too many old ladies over ............ one of them might be me!

Watch that corner....!


Too late...

Then again, for only £200...?


Remember, no shortcuts down the motorway...



And no racing!



youve been watching me again Gordon !!! lol

Aw, last one has a broken link - I've put a copy here: hookingfell.co.uk/grannyrac...

mine too xx only had it an hour and the kids became girl racers !!!! lol


go girl go !!!.......don't forget the helmet.

Good for you,,,,,

I bet your decorating it already!!!


not yet but my granddaughter plans to "pimp" it !!!

i put my foot down when she said she wants to paint it pink!!!!! lol

Why not? make a statement, it's still me....

I felt like doing something with my wheelchair,,,,people think your invisible.

Hubby said no!! Still he's the one pushing me,,,

How about ten foot wings - not the Bodyform type...

That will work! lol !

I'm on the lookout for go faster stripes but he may take it the wrong way bless him.


and think you're a tube of toothpaste... :-D

They're taking them off people around here...


Wahoo go girl. Have you given it a name yet - it's a girl thing.


oh no!! i have failed it - name thinking time and them the naming ceremony (will have to be ginger beer coz bit skint to buy champers xx lol

just gotta get the other half one now !!!! lol


A good cart gets you where you can "toddle" . Got ourselves a convoy there rubber duck.

Just been looking at your links,, very funny made me laugh out loud for the first time today,,,,l,

Wonder how many others are having a peek... ?

Congrats hun, enjoy!

Brill if it gets you out and about.just make sure you wrap up warm.

god yeah!! drove/rode it home from my sons about half a mile away and froze to death - got the gloves and scarf in the basket ready for my next trip xx :)

It pays to get some thermals for the winter, you dont realise how cold it can be sitting riding a scooter. Its like sitting in your garden on a cold day :-)

Well done and enjoy :)


he he - loved your link krazylady - really funny.


Hope you got your L plates on KL lol and remember the speed limit! (Then forget it)

Go go go................Bev xx :)

I remember the first (and only) time my 88 year old mother used one in the supermarket. She pinned a lady to the freezer counter thinking the accelerator was the break - lol!

my one and only attempt on a scooter was last year when my son rented on at romfoed shopping center for me . i was going along nicely and getting the hang of it i thought

then we went to a cafe and i thought i would do a 3 point parking special ! OMG

i backed into a table where a lady was sitting eating a bag of chips.it all squashed into her ,table and chairs of the thin metal garden type.

she went sideways to the floor , still managing to keep the bag of chips upright not losing a single one !my finger froze on the accelerator button and it all seemed to happen in slow motion , my son jumped on me and pulled the key from ignition

turns out the lady was a mobility scooterer herself !

we ended up laughing over a cuppa

ive never tried a scooter since

may soon need one though

gordon i liked the links !

he he !!! love it

I change the colour of mine to suit my mood, i have red, blue and silver I also spray painted a spare blue set BLACK, I love it. We're even advised to take out insurance on scooters in case we run over someones foot and they sue us :-(. I must say the only collision i have had was with a daft woman in Liverpool she walked straight in front of me, she was too busy talking to see me. Lets hope people dont treat you as though you have now lost your brain, it has been known on numerous occasions for people to ask my husband if I take sugar in my coffee.

I love mine. Called it a rather naff name. 'Red'. Guess the colour of the scooter. lol. Have fun on it.

i love my scooter, i always said that i wouldnt be seen dead on one,i also have a car but that is in the garage till the weather stops me from using it,it gives me the freedom to go round the village and meet people that i have seen but never spoken to,i also am able to give my dog the exersize that he wasnt getting when in the car.People stop for a natter,one lad called out....bloody hell,its madge...and when i caught sight of me in the shop window i found i looked like madge....

love my madge mobile ,then again i way always born to burn rubber

Good lad you've got there krazylady helping you with the decision to buy and not afraid to do a few repairs- have great fun and keep well - bet you'll get talked into a sidecar by your granddaughter (she sounds like the persistent type) can't wait to see the pics then!

Third verse fits: mine is called an Ogg Pog so named by my grandchildren from 'In the Night Garden'

In My Dreams

I walk slowly and can’t manage far,

I travel to most places in my car,

I sit at my window and watch the birds,

Their beauty defies conventional words.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

My grandchildren know I can’t chase around

But my lap is there and easily found,

When I sit in a chair it is a comfortable place

And we can chat face to face.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

My children know I am there when they want to talk,

And I can ride in my ‘chariot’ while they walk.

I don’t have to worry about comfortable shoes

I can go for miles without aching feet blues!

And I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

When you light up that cigarette and have a drag,

Just remember it was years of smoking a fag

That has made me as I am today,

In money and in health you pay.

But I can laugh and have some fun

And in my dreams I can still run.

What lovely and very apt words

Thank you Carole.


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