The new PIP payments and existing DLA payments


I am in receipt of DLA, and read on the website that a new payment is being introduced call PIP to replace the DLA.

I am a little concerned as I am unsure if I will continue to get my DLA untill I am sent a letter inviting me to apply for this PIP.

What I mean is after April 2013, will I still get my DLA payments up untill I am invited to claim PIP



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Hi Vangellis

The answer to your last sentence is yes. Vangellis you might want to telephone BLF as they have benefit experts who will be able to explain how these changes will affect you. Sorry I'm quite new and don't have the no. but I am sure someone will come along soon and post the number.


There have been a couple of discussiona bout this


According to anyone already on DLA will be re-assessed - eventually. Any time up to March 2016

Until you are 'called up' they should still pay the existing benefit, would be very silly of them to stop it before.

I have just been awarded D.L.A from 10th November, does that mean I will be re-assessed as well as I am only a new claimant?

And the number for the BLF helpline is 03000 030 555.

I can only tell what I have learned so far.. A couple of months ago I had to phone the DWP. To inform them I had been in hospital,, that was ok you have to be in for more than four weeks..

I asked while speaking to them what happens to my claim wich end May 13 they told me to still send my renewal pack in as before,,,they are starting pip in April as you say but I was informed that it to start with NEW claimants only at first,,and only in, I believe the midlands

before it is rolled out across the country, I said as I'm medically unfit for work and legally retired, why would I need to be assessed for work. If you are 65 you are ok it will carry on the same.. This is only what the DWP said to me, they would only get round to me in 2016 God willing I will still be here. You can try Www.GovUK. or phone them direct, others will be along with more helpful info

Good luck. B.

As an aside omg Ruby sneaky or what hospitalisation used to be 5 weeks in any one year from the date of first admission. i.e. if you went in again it was cumulative.


Under the Welfare Reform Act 2012, starting next year all DLA claimants aged 16 to 64 will

over a period of 4 years be transferred onto Personal Independence Payment so long as they satisfy the criteria for PIP. As from April 2013, no new claims for DLA will be accepted, instead claimants will have to claim PIP.

Rather than write a long post on this topic, I refer members to the DWP's FAQ on PIP :

Members can also keep up to date at

Whilst this site is aimed at Benefits/Welfare Rights Advisers anyone can access it, but only

qualified Advisers with a subscription can post in their forum.

Hope these links are of help. Any further queries please post again and I'll do my best to answer your query.

Hope that it is not any here that are in the 20% that will miss out on a gateway benefit that blocks other things if you loose out it can be more than money lost...... housing,transport,social care etc etc


Thank's to everyone for your reples, I really appreciate them



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