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new here

Hello all,

my name Patricia and Im from Ireland,we dont have this over here,I was rushed into hospital April 29th and was put on vent,as I had pneumina I was coma for 3 weeks, and my family were told not to except me to recover,but thankfully I did, doctors have told me I now have COPD,as I damaged lungs after 45 years smoking, I am off them now 6 months,home now but tired all time, and puffing going up stairs, Im 63 by way, thanks for reading this any tips would be appreciated.x

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welcome Patricia xx pleased you found us xxx :)

Welcome from me to Patricia.

Im quite new also and its a lovely forum with lots of help xxx

Hi Patricia

Welcome from me, well done on the smoking it will help.

I did feel worse when I stopped 5yrs ago but that doesn't last long. It's a pleasure now to smell and taste food. B.

Hello and welcome, well done on quitting smoking, not an easy feat. Loads of tips to be found on here, just scroll through the various blogs and questions when you get a chance.

Welcome Patrica and well done on quitting smoking. I am quite new also but this is a loverly forum with plenty of tips to help you along out and kind words to help you out.

Hello Patricia, I an newest too,since august,you will get lots of tips and good advice from here,I have had lung probelms all my adult life,(asthma),but got diagnosed copd this year,i,m into week 10 of not smoking,just hope i never lit up again. welcome to you

thank you all for your lovely welcome,I feel as if Im close by, yes delighted I quit cigs,but my Doctor warned me,if you want smoke dont waste my time,oops, had give them up.feel loads better but appettite oh eat all wrong food, got try have better diet,also not a lover of walking,and was told must get out even for 10 mins every day,well bed time all,night to you all.xx

Welcome Patricia and many congratulations on waving goodbye to the cigarettes.

Hi Patricia. Your doctor is right. Plenty of exercise ! :)

Hi Patricia nice to meet you - welcome. x

Welcome Patricia

hi patricia

i used to live in ireland ,my name is patricia,,im almost 63, I have emphysema

I now live in spain for the last 15 yrs

i drop in here for advice, tips and company .

I feel a lot of experiance and understanding from fellow copders here

welcome to you

Hullo, Patricia welcome to a friendly forum. I am quite new and dont remember having the manners to introduce myself. Just bobbed in! Such a wonderful crowd.

Hi Patricia. Well done on stopping smoking. That's the best present you could have given yourself.

Even though you don't feel like it at times, keep exercising those lungs as it will stop them getting worse.

This a great site for support and help.

Lynne x

Good morning Patricia and welcome. You'll find lots of support and help on this site.


Welcome bonnyirish. Great you gave up the ciggies and that you feel better for it. Sorry you have copd - my lung disease doesn't come under the copd umbrella, but we all experience struggles with a lung disease, so you are with peeps who 'get it'. By the way my Dad was a Mayo man.

Tips erm: Eat healthy food: excercise as much as you are able: learn as much as you can about your condition, especially from fellow sufferers: Have a good working relationship with your medical team and ask them to explain anything you don't understand.


Hi Patricia, you have come to the right place for information, there are so many genuine people on here who will always be happy to help.

Also its great to have new people to the site, everyone has something to offer so please stay with us and let us have your opinion on things.


Morning all, was great surprise when I put PC on and saw all msgs of encouragement from you all, some you are part Irish and 1 from Ireland great to meet you all.

yes happy I quit cigs,but got get out for wee walk now,as one you explained it helps lungs,

have great day all xx

Hello Patrica

Welcome, well done for quitting smoking.


thanks Kimmy, hard but got to do it, feel lot better without them, great site here xx

Welcome Patricia it is a great site!

welcome to the site...great support here

Welcome.You will love this site.As soon as I open my laptop I always log in here first.Lots of friendly advice and superb information and helpline.

I'm a bit late with my greeting Patricia, but my welcome is warm and I hope you find this site useful to you :) I know it has been a godsend for me :)

Welcome to the site patricia, lots of helpful advice here xx

Never too late Elian, thanks and you Scot, think I will fit in ok haaa xx

Hi Patricia I am a newbie myself. My name is Gina and I live in S'Yorkshire. I did't introduce myself I just jumped in. A bit rude that. Any road it looks as though we have both done well to have found this forum and the nice people posting on here. Good luck. x

Hello Again Bonny,



Hi there how are you this wonderful day, we had glorious sunshine I sat out in it, was lovely, hope all doing good xx

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