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resp nurse came

she spent quite a while here, watching him and talking to him, she is now upping his 02 to 4l, talking about piping it in? ordering him a commode, getting the dr to prescribe ora morph, and getting a community matron to call. She told him he had to only do what he could, she walked him up to the toilet and back with his 02n on at 3l and his sats were 80 when he got down, she was very firm with him, he just thinks am nagging when I say the very same things. when I t old her about the pr fiasco, she said it was not relevent now anyway. although positive help has come from her visit, I have an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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If his sats were dropping so low no wonder he felt unwell. 4 lpm for mobility is what I have used for some time. I'm glad someone has backed you up and that he has listened. As to the rest.... I just don't know what to say. You will both be in my prayers. Auntymary xx

thinking of you both x

Thinking of you both, sending a hug and prayer.


Putting a positive spin on it you have moved forward a bit now with a new prescription and the Matron coming will keep a closer eye on Richard.

Hope things work out better soon anyway

The equipment and extra support will make it easier to cope with practical things. We took all the help, equipment etc we could for dad. The most helpful thing though, was having another voice saying what we"d been saying for ages - not to try and do too much, use the zimmer frame, keep the o2 on etc. I really know what you mean about the dread feeling but it's not all bad times ahead xxx xxx

I can empathise with the feelings you have amagran. Even though these changes are positive and should take some of the pressure away from you, changes are unsettling. Thinking of you both and hope this extra input proves to be beneficial.

Love XXX

Thinking of you and Richard amagran. Lots of love to you both. xxx

Love and best wishes to you and to Richard, amagram :) It's good to hear that you are finally getting the support and back-up that you both deserve.

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