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Hi, I am Graeme 61 year old retired Police Inspector. Since retirement I have Angina, blood clot on the brain, MRSA, COPD, bronichalitis (spelling is wrong ) Now I am on Oxygen 16 hours a day. Last week I had a cataract op only to find out the lens is slipped and I go under the knife this week. Why am I telling you this is quite simple, my heart consultant has told me that I need major surgery forget it , it aint going to happen as you will die on the table. Graeme reply was thanks doc, there are two things that you cannot give me ,1 a STD and you cannot make me pregenant. We both had a good laugh. I was told by one doctor that I had pnumonia and my reply was ah well it will keep the COPD happy, it can have a new friend only for the doctor to say sorry COPD is in the left lung and this is in your right lung. My reply was a well lucky white heather. I find that getting through bad times always remember the good times and never loose your sence of humour. Hopefully it will work. It works for me. Good luck to all and if you keep smiling they always wonder what the hell your up to.Remember laughter is sometimes the best medicine. Good luck to all

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:) you will fit in well here - obviously i am the normal one* but the others are all nutz xxx lol :)

* waits for the rude comments now xx lol


Age UK for pensioners you can be in more than one group :-)

Hi artise I am to young to be a pensioner.

No rude comments at all Krazylady you are quite right - your normal and we're all nuts !

Hi Graeme.

Hi libbygood , nice to meet you

Hello Graeme, welcome to the site. Perhaps your doc should have warned you that one of the side effects of COPD appears to be a warped sene of humour!

Not a warped sense of humour auntymary , but a good healthy sense of humour which you can always pass on to those friends who feel down.

Oh believe me I have had that for years. It seems to keep me going. There is always someone worse than yourselkf and if you can think positive you will get over the hurdels. I even asked the surgeon who was doing my cataracts last week if he was on the piss the nite before he said no of course.

Hi to everyone, even Gordon57. Puts the smiley face on with the tongue hanging out. Each to their own even Krazylady.. Like your style. Pinnpcchio sorry both lungs gone. Keep smileing

Thank you Graeme - as you said in your original message, laughter is sometimes the best medicine. :-)

If we didn't laugh about ourselves then we'd probably end up crying, and we don't want that. Several have quoted 'always look on the bright side of life', and I'm sure that will keep the spirit of Monty Python going for many years. :-D

The Breath Easy Club which I attend , went for a meal with the Faulty Towers Experience. There were 8 of us there 3 of us on oxygen and we had a three course meal and 3 hours of laughter. If you ever get a chance to see this , it is well worth the money.

OMG!! the fun i could of had !!!!!!

They are performing in the Charing Cross Hotel in London next week. Go on the Internet and look for the Faulty Towers Experience and that will tell you everything. Brilliant

are you trying to get me into trouble xxxl lol

I'm definitely a Pistachio nut Gordon

*thinks* erm now what sort of nut would i be ........................... definately a screw nut ....

he he !!

Does that mean anybody with incontinence problems is a peanut?

Hello Graeme.

What a great attitude, wish I could stay as positive as you. xxx

Hello Kimmy59, if you read what I have told Jackie50 the same applies to yourself, be positive and think positive. Always look on the bright side, when you feeling down think of the times that you had a great laugh and I bet that you will have a smile on your face , it could be a small smile or a good big one with tears of laughter. Cannot be bad can it.

can you share some of your humour and positiveness definately need it

Hi Jackie50, thanks for your message. Make a rule that you are going to laugh at least once a day and you will feel a bit better.Or when you feeling down think of the times that you had a good laugh. Bet you will end up with a smile on your face. Happy times and good luck. xxx

Hi Graeme, You have a great attitude and my husband is very like you. Keep posting on here and stay as positive as you are. Good luck to you. xxxxxx

Hi sassy59, I am an old one for sayings and one of my favorites is " Don't let the bastards grind you down" Keep smiling and the others will wonder what the hell your up to.. Good luck you you as well xxxx

Thanks for that. xxx

HI Graeme my friend. Yes I was one of those others with you on oxygen. And what fun we had:-) Next month it is a visit to a rather rude Jim Davidson in Porthcawl with a pre show meal. And a Christmas dinner in December:-) It is good to laugh and enjoy life. As my friend Graeme says. There is always someone worse off than ourself. If there is anyone on this site in the Rhondda we would welcome you to join our fun as part of our Breathe Easy Group at Gilfach:-)

Tu true my friend, You caught me out . he he

Good News and Bad News

Went to see my eye surgeon today, After the cataract removal in my left eye two weeks ago the lens has slipped due to the coughing fits that I have. Good news op is off for Thursday. Bad news they are going to operate on my right eye to remove that cataract on November 8th. Ah well good sense of humour I will keep my eye out for you Boom Boom.

sorry to hear that Graeme. Glad they are going to sort it out for you soon. Like me you always see the humorous side to life and try to stay cheerful so am sure you will handle it well. See you soon at the Breathe Easy meeting:-)

As I say derek I will keep my eye out for you. It takes a lot to get me down.

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