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bad/ have ate a full tin of roses in a couple of days

sad/ I have started smoking again

mad/ what am I doing to myself?

have lay in bed like a big fat slug the past couple of days, eating smoking and feeling so sorry for myself...just gave up for a few days. now I feel usless, all that hard work, physically and mentally down the drain. somebody give me a damm good shake!!

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The hard work's not down the drain, that was just a temporary setback, we all have them. You just had two duvet days in a row! Think of something you want to achieve tomorrow and make the decision to get it done. Never mind trying to give up chocs for now, but do try and tackle the smoking - you owe it to yourself

love, FF x

Lift yourself up

Dust yourself off

and start all over again.

We all have setbacks don't beat yourself up, good luck


Ah - but you may not have eaten quite as many Roses as you thought you had...

All the big tins contain less than in previous years :-(

Concentrate on losing the ciggies first :-)

so you had two days under the duvet, we all need them , so tomorrow is saturday , what could you do, get up and go for a walk? see whats on thats for charity , a bring and buy stall a coffee morning , car boot on sunday, see what junk others are throwing out and see what you can to make money phone a friend tonight and arrange an afternoon tea and goddip


don't beat your self up over it, the possitive you attempted and did it , so attempt again for a bit longer...

Take care


:( chin up you done it once you can do it again....... :)

hi nellie, dont punish yourself, as everyone has said, we all have setbacks, one of my doctors told me to cope with one thing at a time. You will get back to where you were again x

this song came too mind when i read your blog " I,m only human,flesh and blood,born to make mistakes!" thiink human league sang it . its only 2 days and there is 356 in a year,so you are quids in ,try again with the not smoking,cos thats the important one :)

Roses are plants and therefore practically vegetables and good for you! The ciggies? Well, look on it as you did a trial run and NOW you are going to do it for real. Don't stop trying. Remember, you only need to stop one more time than you start and you have cracked it. xx

yeah i often stand up right in the ground, or if i'm very lucky i might be able to

find a plant pot and stick a cabbage on my head and stand in that for awhile

enjoying the view, ha ha

Hiya mary yes your right i am good for you xx

Yes but you are a very special Rose, good for everybody! xx

whys that then because i don't need watering, i grow on my own xxx

there must be something that will help you, my friend Trev is 26stone and I try to be a good friend to him and help him.... something is upsetting him and I can't reach it inside him ? give us more clues nellie how you felt. Trev did give up his cigarlets though, that is a big achievement and he says he does not miss them. Trev is 72.

tomorrow is another day.


Hang on on in there.keep trying..and you will get there in

The end..all the kath.

Nellie I'll shoot the boots off you. Wondered what you were up to -now I know. Hope you enjoyed yourself anyway you needed to treat yourself a wee bit after your grief (I know never goes away) and then your infection on top of that so don't beat yourself up, plenty others'll do that for you eh? xx

Never give up giving up nellie! you deserve many chances you are sooo worth it. one day at a time,you pick the time thats right for you! I was thinking of starting to buy a few little treats and putting them away till Christmas but I just know the temptation would be toooo much!!! I could eat a tin of chocs easy!! take care,and be nice to you!, :) xxx

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