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Swansea Gp

Hi Everybody

I have just moved to Lovely Swansea from London, had a nightmare move, broke down on the M4 and other disasters but so happy to here. and near to my family.

NOW i have to find a good COPD GP.. Please can anybody help?

i will be going to my first Breath easy meeting on 1st of Nov.

i would be so grateful for any local infomation.

take care all

Linda X

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Sorry , I can't help either , good luck in your new home , it must be great to be near your family . Hope you enjoy your Breath easy group . Su. x



type your postcode into 'your area' search button on main website. click on balloons for info.

plenty on there.


I'd ask at the Breathe Easy group, see what local people suggest. You may be able to contact the organiser sooner than the meeting date.


Hello and welcome to Wales! i live in the Rhymney Valleys, about 30 miles away from you. Swansea as you will find out is a lovely place and my parents favourite. Lots of great beaches, nice restaurants and plenty of good shopping too.

As for a local specialist there, bit too far away from me to know but like Gordon said, the others at the Breathe Easy meeting will help you out there. Plus as soon as you register with a GP practice, they should arrange an appointmnet for you with someone, just don't be afraid to ask questions as to the specialities of those they refer you. Good luck and enjoy Wales xx


My family came from Swansea, but I don't live there now so can't help. It is a lovely place though and I visit as often as I can.



As a Londoner that moved to the Rhondda 12 years ago after marrying a Rhondda girl welcome to the best part the UK. OK I am biased:-) I don't thing there is a good copd GP though. They are by their nature general practitioners. A bit like good at most things but master at non:-) I for instance know more about copd than my GP. Make sure you get a specialist though at your hospital in Swansea, and a respiratory nurse. Both are invaluable. Nice to see you are going to Breathe Easy. I am the treasurer of Breathe Easy Gilfach Goch. I am sure you will enjoy Swansea. A really beautiful part of the word with the beaches of the Gower, Swansea itself, and miles of beautiful coastline stretching all the way down to and past Pembrokeshire.


Good luck in your new home! I am Welsh but not fond of Wales, it's always raining, everything is so slow, and none of the shops open on time. Of course the pubs always open on time, and when there's a big rugby match on, in the village I come from they open at 8.30am! It's rugby, beer, choir and women, in that order. I think the Severn Bridge toll charge should be for getting out of Wales not getting in hehe.

The little villages with streams running thru and old stone cottages are beautiful tho, and of course the Gower. I hope you settle in soon & find a lovely GP

FF x


Thank you to every body for your advice and kind words, your all so lovely.

take care Linda x


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