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Have just notified DWP that I am appealing against their decision and have been told my Benefit is stopped until I send them a Sick Note from my GP to allow them to release my benefit payment.

My Pay day would have been tomorrow, anyone know how long it takes for the system to sort this out and release my payment?


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You should still get paid. However If they have asked for a sicknote you should get it to them ASAP as they use any excuse not to pay you. And dont forget to some help with the appeal. CAB etc.

def go to cab, they help you fill in the appeal forms and help you understand any legalities. good luck. x

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Thanks amagran.


Thanks Preshous (Great Avatar) Hopefully I will still be able to pay for my Meds on Friday!

Have just bumped into my GP at the Surgery and got an appointment to see him in the morning.


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Hi Woodshaper

I'm not sure how long the process is, but as others have said the quicker you can get it in the better. It may also be worth photocopying the sick note in case it gets lost!

If you call us at the helpline on 03000 030 555 we can arrange to send you out some information on the appeals process.



Will do that Jo, have also rang the Helpline up.

Thank you


hi woodshaper,

can i just ask which benefit has been stopped pending this sick note?


Hi mrWheezy, its my Incapacity Benefit, the only one I get.

The Letter I got tells me that it will/would be changing to Employment and Support Allowance at the end of the Month.


Just checked my Bank Account and my Benefit has been paid in as usual.


So what was the person I spoke to yesterday on about when she told me that benefit payments stop when you appeal a decision????????????????????????????

Almost started smoking again, (back on the Niquitin Minis instead)


*BLF rang me back last thing yesterday and are sending me some info about appealing and will talk me through it as well, thank you BLF!


thats good news Woodshaper. Dont forget to get the sick note in though and things should tick along until your appeal.


Thanks Prehous, been to see my GP this morning and looks like the Nurse who informed me that I had COPD Months ago may have jumped the gun a bit.

GP read the letter out from the Consultant who is not so sure I have it as my symptoms could be caused by my Asthma worsening/something else Respiratory or even the Brain damage recently diagnosed!

Anyway here I am with yet another Chest Infection.

This made filling the Sick Note in a little difficult for him so he put down 'awaiting further Tests'


Just read your post, what they dont like to tell you, is that if you make an appointment at your job centre, they can email the sick note through for you and you can ask for an immediate payment. They dont like doing it, that will get you the money faster, not sure whether its the same day or not, YOu can also get a crisis loan to last until you get your money through


It was paid in okay but thanks for the info San.


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