PR next week

PR next week

Just had a letter from the hospital Physio department, I finally start PR next Friday.

Got to get there for 11am though ? I'm not always up by then as it can be 5-6am before I get off to sleep. Looks like I'd better ask the wife to buy some beer, that usually has some effect in getting me off to sleep :-)

Have to take my reading glasses as well as a list of medication etc. Comfortable clothing and footwear are advised, so no 6 inch stiletto heels, good, they hurt my feet...

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Lidl have got a good offer on bottled real ales at the moment if that helps !

Yep - seen them. A nice drop of Bishops Finger would do...

Had the second session of mine yesterday Gordon and I can honestly say it is worth the effort. I am looking forward to next week. Yes, and leave the heels at home. :P

I have some Firsky Ferret in my fridge for later :)

well I hope it goes ok for you Gordon. My experience of PR was all good....:)

great news , enjoy every minuite,...take care

I'm into my last week of PR 7 I must say altho I'm one of the youngest there, it has changed my outlook on copd emoromously. I feel so well to how I did, just must keep up all I have been taught. It has been so informative too, even to the point of being informed my GP was overdosing me on different inhalers!!!! A brilliant course, go for it!!! I'm certainly goig to do all I've been taught, it has been a new lifeline for me. Good luck, hard work but worth it's how you feel after. if you persevere My huby says I'm like someone on drugs when I come home!!!!!! Really buzzing xx

hope you enjoy it gordon, when the nurse came on thursday she agreed that under the circumstances it wouldn't benefit richard if the journey was a problem, but she was lovely, and the chat she gave us was very helpful. Go for it. xx

Well, I can only hope the weather is kind to me as it's two buses each way for me from here. Thankfully, the stop is just outside the hospital gates and there's a big shelter.

I think, if it were me, I'd be yelling a bit louder about Richard missing the PR opportunity. I'm OK in that the sessions are the the hospital itself and I am not restricted to a wheelchair. If I had been then I'd be on to the powers that be for transport.

Our hospital NHS trust have cut back on providing transport, with most funding going to keep the free shuttle buses running. Although they own 3 proper 'black cab' type taxis, painted bright yellow, there are very strict rules about using them now - instead, patients are advised of external taxi numbers and told to pay for their own!

Good news for you Gordon, I'm still waiting to hear if I get it but from what I've heard about it on here, BRUS, my GP, my Asthma nurse and members of my Breathe Easy group it's hard work but sooooooooo beneficial to 99% of participants.

Don't forget the "shell suit and daps" lol.


I've no idea what daps are and have never had a shell suit, I leave that for the snails ;-)

I'm going in some loose fitting 'trackie bottoms' as I no longer have a pair of trousers that fit me and my jeans are a bit on the tight side, the downside of putting weight on since losing my job and not being so active.

I'm looking forward to it as I need some exercise, but seem to have a couple of days a week where I overdo it, and spend the other 5 recovering. I noted the comment about inhaler advice too - although I've been told that I use mine correctly, I'm not sure about doses and what order to take them, maybe that will be something to learn - after 5 years of using them!

Very beneficial x

Can I come with you please ?

Go steady on them beers Gordon or you might be hungover, not a good state to be in for excercises.

Hope you really enjoy it and it proves good for you.


I can't remember the last time I was hung over. Many, many years ago. I'll just be having a couple of bottles to give me sweet dreams.

Gordon you will be able to let us know what order they tell you to take the inhalers

If they tell me anything. It's something I'm curious about as I don't use them in the same order every time and have not noticed any difference. That might be the answer ?

Good news Gordon - hope you find it beneficial. I go for assessment Monday, although since Thurs I have had a nasty infection with filthy gunk and high temp. It's just spiking at the moment and I have upped the nebbing and physio. They know and asked me to 'phone them and if no better they will put me in later. It's not a contagious thing to 'normal' folks but I am aware peeps there will have compromised lungs. Was at cons on Thursso sample in - pretty sure it will be HI again. On high dose abs, so hoping things will have settled.

Do hope you manage to get up in time - beer or no beer Gordon and find the course beneficial. Good luck.


Hope you find it helps Gordon, I was lucky got. All the best take care. mine quite soon after diagnosis. We had talks as well from various people which were also very helpful. I am booked in to do my follow sessions in November so trying to put in some time exercising at home as have to admit have been a bit lax at times. All the best, take care, were you on the nhs copd blog.

I was on the NHS Choices blog, yes. Then it closed before this one started, so I guess we lost a few from over there that may not know this site is open.

Our hospital seem to have people going to see the respiratory nurses first, to sort out any niggles one-to-one, before going on to the PR sessions.

Enjoy Gordon

Hi Gordon,

Good luck with the PR -still waiting for mine. If you re worried about waking up in time you could always do what the Native American Indians used to do the night before a battle - they would drink as much as possible to ensure they needed to go to the loo in the early hours!! Clever stuff!! (Sounds a bit risky to me - for sooooo many reasons!!!) love xx

good luck with public relations enjoyment gord i am unacustomed to this i dont get on very well ether

Hi Gordon only on the site on weekdays so missed your blog. Hope you'll post how you get on. You are always so re-assuring and it might make me ask my g.p. or respiratory nurse about it, I don't know why I'm always struck dumb at the wrong times. Good luck - I suspect negotiating the two buses each way would be enough for me but nothing ventured...........

I make a point of allowing plenty of time for buses, often arriving up to an hour before my actual appointment. That gives me time to 'recover' as required. The walk from the bus stop itself is stretching my limits, but most is inside the hospital building and they do provide resting points in the corridors.

I was once told that if I couldn't cope then I should ask one of the volunteers for a wheelchair, they are only too happy to help. The reception areas at our hospital are covered by a good team of volunteers who take care of the basic stuff, even putting the appointment letter into the right basket so you can go and sit down instead of queuing at reception.

When I went to see my GP a few months ago, I sent a list in of the many problems I have, so he would have that ready to discuss with me. Maybe you could make yourself a note for the respiratory nurse or GP next time?

I don't go until Friday but will post something about it when I get back.

Thank you Gordon great advice I feel calmer already

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