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pr sort of sorted

Thanks to gordon who gave me numbers to ring I was called by one of the pr nurses who understood how the difficulties of getting to the venue on public transport would outweigh any benefits he might get from attending the classes, though he would benefit from the things they do there. She said that there was no transport facilities even though they have tried to get it. She is coming to the house tomorrow morning as a one off to show him the exercises he can do around the house and give him an exercise diary to complete. This will be easier for us, though she did stress it was not a thing she usually did. When I asked about not being let in with him she said it was their policy not to let partners or carers come in as it got a bit busy.

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Apart from missing out on the social aspects, you will probably find that a much better solution rather than having to travel back and forth. Great result! x


It is what I would have suggested next as it is what I am doing. Hope Richard benefits as much as I think he can. xx


well done ..make sure she knows her stuff and is not responding for the sake of saying they took some dosen't lie well that you stated"not a thing she usually did"did she mean the home visit or the supervision of your husband.I have been on p.r 3 times. the number in the group has doubled , family,carers e.t.c still allowed. only change they are not allowed to use equipment and surely it is a learning process for them...wish you both well, gosh I am learning a lot on this site including the neglect of ill people. that old saying....dont judge till you have walked in my shoes, ...p,s I am learing to be militant...and I like it ...L.O.L


nellie15 - :) :) :)


To be honest, not the best result. It seems different areas have different ideas about what they can and cannot do for patients, or even what they do on a PR course.

If it were me I'm afraid I would be writing to the local NHS Trust to express my dis-satisfaction in this 'solution'. Obviously, Richard needs the PR, or they would not have started him on the course. As said, the benefits need to be made to achieve anything, and it's just undoing all the good work with the hassle of buses, bad weather and so on.

The lady you need to write to is Lesley Hill, she's the Director of Service Development at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust ;-)

Part of her bio says "Lesley became Head of Acute Commissioning for Bradford Health Authority in 1998, with a specific remit to help them sort out their waiting list and patient access problems, and deliver modernised services" - so she'll know all about these issues !

I would also include your MP in this - let them know the hassle you're having, because it simply is not fair on you.


Well said Gordon! Good luck amagran and hope it all turns out well. It does seem as if Richard would benefit greatly from PR so it does need to be sorted and the best conclusion reached. Good luck again! xx


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