the doctor said i have a mild copd

ive had no test just blowing though one of them thing at the doctors he put me on a inhaler what other test need to be done befor he can say ive got a mild of copd

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i need to know if ive got it or not

hi i presume you are refering to a spirometry test wich is a good indicater of copd levels, is you inhaler blue (ventolin) another good indicater of mild copd, if you have not already done so stop smoking, you may be sent for a x-ray?. ring BLF helpline for further advice

Hi brend

What did you blow into - a handheld plastic tube with numbers that go up when you blow, or a tube connected to a machine that usually requires 3 good long blows with the person performing the test encouraging you to 'keep going'?.

COPD is usually diagnosed though a persons medical/social history, (ie) have they ever smoked, the work they have done and then performing a spirometry and having someone who is qualified to read the results and then diagnose any conditions.

Sometimes where the diagnosis is in question the person performing the test will ask you to take an inhaler of a reliever drug called Ventolin or Salbutamol, wait approximately 20 minutes and perform the test again. If the test results improve by a specific amount then Asthma may be diagnosed. A chest X Ray may also be performed.

COPD cannot be diagnosed through a peak flow meter.

I hope this is helpful - as always please call us on 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes


it was a peak flow meter but had no other test done he just put me on the inhalers that you have said how can i find out if i have it or not

it was a peak flow nd i could only get 200 they put me on the to inhales that you have said but had no other test done

ive never had a chest xray done or my blood done just blow in the peak flow nd then he put me on the inhalers nd said i have a mild of copd

Hi brend

A peak flow test cannot determine COPD - generally it is used to record how stable or unstable a person's Asthma is.

I would suggest going back to your GP or speaking to your practice nurse and asking for a spirometry.

Please let us know how you get on.

Best Wishes


i go back to the doctors next week what should i ask him how can he tell that ive got a mild of copd just by the peak flow

Hi brend

Yes i think that would be a very good idea as COPD cannot be diagnosed this way, it would be useful to understand why he thinks mild COPD. What has been happening to make you go to the doctors? If you would like to call us we can arrange for you to speak to one of our respiratory nurses - 03000 030 555.

I know it's easy to write but try not to worry!

Best Wishes


ive had this cough my boyfriend told me to go to the doct to see if it was that lung cancer it wasnt nd i had to go bk for a test but all the nurse did was ask questions nd the i had to blow though a peak flow nd at first thought it was asmar but when i did the peak flow at home i was only gettin 200 nd i went bk to see the nuse nd he said it was mild copd then the doct seen me nd he said it was that nd but me on inhalers

When you went for your test for lung cancer was there a test at that time that could have revealed the COPD? A CT scan for instance?

If not - ask your doc how the COPD diagnosis was established or just ask your GP for a referral to a respiratory consultant for further tests to confirm COPD or establish what respiratory condition you have.

Good luck, take care of that cough.

thank you for your help

Brend - to try and clear this up a bit, it would be best to call, the helpline as Jo suggests. Talk to one of their nurses, who probably know more on the subject than your surgery's nurse, or even your GP, seem to.

This snap diagnosis just does not seem right, and to issue inhalers and hope you'll just go away is hardly the healthCARE we should be getting from our GP's

gordon57 just phone the help line nd jo was helpful to me im goin to phone my gp in the mornin see if i can get in to see him to find things out thank you for your help

Hopefully, Jo has given you some leading questions to ask your GP as to how COPD was his diagnosis from the wrong type of test. The key word to use is spirometry, which is how COPD is measured.

There's not much point sending you off to read about COPD if you're not even sure that's what you have at this stage. What you need at present is reassurance and some explanation, to put your mind at rest.

yea jo as help me alot and i will be askin the doctor loads of question when i go and see him

Hi Brend I'm new on here but after reading your posts I can't see where you say if you are a smoker or not.

Do or did you smoke if not then has anyone else in your family got copd/emphysema.?

Has anyone in your family got any heart or liver problems.?

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