Was feeling a bit sorry for myself today no sleep last night and really bad chest today. Just worn out really. Then saw the floods on TV those poor people I live by the sea and know how powerful the weather can be . I hope none of you are affected but I suppose there will be people with COPD and worse that have had to leave their flooded homes tonight. I am thinking of them as I sit here in my warm dry flat and although it is only one bedroom and rented it is lovely and I feel lucky to be dry and warm. We must be grateful for what we have keep smiling and try to always find the positve if we try hard enough we will find it. Take care everyone.

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  • I, too, sat and counted my blessings as I watched tv tonight. We should all be grateful for small mercies.

    You take care too, perusal :) x

  • What a lovely thought to be thinking of others, you have put my faith back into life and hope again. Lovely thoughts and words of faith.

    David 1968

  • You get a lovely view looking through a "glass half full". x

  • i did the same i cannot imagine what these poor people are going through having never been in that situation. There is and always will be somone who is worse off and as down as i get i always try to remember my glass is always half full! xx

  • I have a friend receiving pallative care who has taken a turn for the worst. (I have been praying for her) if anyone else has in their hearts to do the same I would be gratefull.

    I count my blessing I have a lovely family and am still very independent much slower than I used to be but hey ho, just make the best of what you have.


  • Bless her polly, she is in my thoughts x

  • My thoughts, prayers & best wishes are with you & your friend.

  • I will pray for your friend Take care x

  • Thank you


  • my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your friend,:)

  • Thank you


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