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Is it true you can be exempted from wearing a vehicle seat belt by showing Traffic Police

a letter from your Consultant, explaning your medical condition. I suffer ffrom C.O.P.D., and a seat belt is like wearing an elastic band across your chest which on many occasions , makes breathing even more difficult.

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Unfortunately i feel like i got an elastic band across my chest all the time.

i don't find the seatbelt makes me more uncomfortable and have to admit that i don't know if i could now get in a car without wearing one, i think i would feel unsafe, but the best thing to do would be yo have a chat with the BLF - i am sure they would know.

Interesting. Never heard of this vittorio. Can't say that wearing a seatbelt is uncomfortable for me in any way, even with the oxygen on and, like krazylady, I would not really feel safe driving without. But if it is a real problem for you then by all means make further enquiries.

Thanklies auntymary for your response! - Don't know about others, but if I do have a bad day with my C.O.P.D., the Seat belt really feels like an Elastic band across the chest - and makes me "Puff" even more ! its a bit risky,I know, but sometimes I drive whilst my left THUMB holds the belt an inch or two way from my chest, and if I see the "Boys in Blue" - TWANG ! and the seat belt resumes its normal position until the "Danger " is past !!! - hence my question about being exempted from this ELASTIC BAND !!!! . Kind regatds Vittorio.

Hi Vittorio, just asked question on google.

Medical exemptions from wearing a seat belt.

Your doctor may decide that you may be exempted from wearing a seat belt on medical grounds. If so, they will issue a 'Certificate of Exemption from Compulsory Seat Belt Wearing', which you must:

•keep in your vehicle

•show to the police if you're stopped

You’ll need to tell your car insurer that you're travelling without a seat belt.

For more information about medical exemptions, contact your doctor.


Endless thanklies Polly, quite a few answered this question.- Hope all's well with you regards Vittorio..

Hi has information on how to apply for a medical exemption for seat belt use - please see the link below:

Best Wishes


Thanks Jo, for infomation - kind regards Vittorio.

Use a clip which keeps me a little free space by stopping the belt going back where it came from (only a small amount of freedom is safe) while keeping your seat belt working if needed.

Had my clip many years it has been a success for me please research this as I do not want to try selling anything.

Those clips are quite good for those who just don't want the pressure of the seat belt all the time. If you do get these 'comfort clips' please make sure they are of the type that release automatically if the belt undergoes a sharp movement, such as in an accident.

A seat belt that is too loose can cause a lot of damage to the body too. If it is held too loose then you could actually slide out from behind it - ouch!

a clothes peg clpped to top of belt will do the job

Just wanted to add that I hate being strapped in to a seat belt! I'm like Vittorio with a constant tight band round my chest. Very uncomfy

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