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Pete feeling light headed but not sure why?


I just thought I would ask if anyone has had a light headed feeling at all? As some of you know, I care for hubby Pete (sarcoidosis 21 years and COPD 2). He has been light headed on and off for a few months but just lately has been like it daily. It was a bit scary yesterday whilst walking around as he had to stop and control the strange feeling that came over him. He is fine sitting down and this only happens when he has been walking a short distance. I look online and it could be so many things but I just thought I would ask on here. Luckily, we do have an appointment with the GP on Tuesday so will mention it then. Thanks everyone.

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Is he on Statins for high blood pressure, are you able to measure it, BP monitor?

Best get your doc' to check it sassy, there are many causes.



Yes blood pressure was my first thought, good idea to get it checked.

Thanks for the replies. Pete takes statins because of having had a heart attack in 2007 and he is also on high blood pressure medication. We do have a b.p. monitor and his blood pressure is fine. Will see what the doctor says on Tuesday. Thanks again.

Pete does not seem to have this problem as much now but thanks for your reply. I do think he has heart problems though and we will be seeing someone next month about that. Hope you are well. xxx

Hi Sassy, happened to me when I was unnecessarily put on high blood pressure meds, awful. Hope you can get to the root of it. LIbby xxx

sassy59 in reply to libby7827

Thanks Libby and nice to hear from you. Pete has many problems and his back is the worse thing at the moment. Thanks for your concern and wishing you well. xxxxx

Thank you and you take care too. xxx

Thanks slap-head, kind of you to reply. xx

Sorry, sassy, I really don't know but feel you should get it checked out. xx

Thanks Toci hope you are doing ok. xxxx

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