Anyone had this ???

Had chest infection on and off for about 4 weeks,every time I say I will start the meds it disappears again,but I am coughing bit more than usual.However last night I coughed as I was bending down and got awful cramp at top of ribs really painful and it lasted for over 5 mins.My hubby said he could not see anything but it was really frightening ! All night I was afraid it would come back and the area felt bruised.Today it is still sore but i am breathing ok, feel as if I have been punched or something and am frighted to cough at all.

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  • I think you need to get checked with your doc concerning the coughing, also to get your lungs checked and to be sure you have only strained a muscle by the coughing. Ongoing coughs and repeated chest infections should be brought to your docs attention. I hope you are feeling better soon. Let us know what your doc says. Take good care.


  • Thanks Zoee I suppose I know deep down I should go to docs but am seeing consultant soon as well ! all good fun not ! Will let you know.Take care all too

  • I've had this. So so painful and I feel for you. It was before I was diagnosed - its rarely happened since. I'm assuming it's because I don't cough as much.

    Definitely see your GP and mention to consultant too.

    Marie x

  • HI,

    I get this every now and again when I'm lying down in bed it's like my chest muscles go into spasm. It feels like a form of cramp but in my chest rather than the usual feet or legs - I generally take a large pinch of salt which seems to help (discovered that one night in desperation when it wouldn't settle down).

    However, I would suggest getting checked out first just to make sure there's nothing else going on.


  • Have no idea either but going to see a doctor seems a reasonable thing to do.

  • Hi I had this a few years ago. Was coughing a lot then got a terrible pain over my heart. I went to hospital and they said it was cramp in the heart muscle. It lasted for ages and had to have strong painkillers. You are lucky yours only lasted 5 minutes! Though I agree it is really scarey...

    It hasnt happened since thank god but was told I was coughing a lot because of underlying chest infection which I didnt realise I had.

    Hope this helps Bev xx

  • Oh forgot to add that I have a terrible cough and this has only happened to me once so try not to worry too much about coughing love - it probably wont happen again. x

  • Thanks everyone glad to know others have had it too.Will get it checked out,take care all x

  • are you taking antibiotics for the chest infection ? I used to put it off and realise now it only makes it worse. x

  • No Julie I hate taking them always feel sick and upset stomach too but if no better will have too.When i was in hospital on intravenous antibiotics I was fine though and I was eating more than I do at home !! x

  • Try taking a pot of Actimal every day while you are on antibiotics, they replace the good bacteria in the gut which the antibiotics kill off and that causes the upset stomach. My respistory nurse gave me that advice

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