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I visited a close friend of mine yesterday he smokes, I was in his kitchen and he smoked beside the back door (open), he had a few and I felt sick with the smell of it, I have not smoked since 2010 and never been around that before as I have always side walked away from smoke.

Hate ging to and from shopping centres ect when smokers block the entrance, I was one of them how nieave.

I remember visiting a relitive in hospital a few months ago, outside were patients on drips smoking, poor souls felt heart sorry for them. What a horrible adictive habit, If only we knew early what it could have done and listened to the adverts.

Any way since yesterday I cant get the smell of smoke away from nose when I breath through it even though Ive showered etc.

Anyone else had this feeling.

David 1968

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  • I know exactly how you feel. The smell of stale smoke is the worst in my opinion.

  • I often feel the day way David. I can smell a smoker from 20 paces even when they don't have a fag in their hand. lol. And yes I once smoked. My thought is that smoking is more habit than addictive. I quit cold turkey and found it amazingly easy. But then again. I did have the advantage of knowing my life depended on it having copd.

  • My husband would know exactly what you mean (ex smoker like you but 21 years ago) as would a friend of ours (hubby and friend have sarcoid). Once something gets into your nostrils it is hard to shift it. We avoid smokers like the plague when out. Good on you for giving up though and hope you stay well. sassy59

  • oh my I thought you were going to say something different, I smell smoke when theres none there, my next door neighbour stands out to smoke, but I smell it when all doors and windows are closed, and when they are away on holiday. It's so strong sometimes it catches the back of my throat. I have never smoked, though Richard was a smoker as was his mum and my dad. It sure isn't Richard any more so I have to ask myself, is it my dad haunting me or his mum, hope its me dad, his mum never liked me .

  • What a lovely story it put a smile on me face.

    Never thought about the gost, hope it's my mum and dad paying me a visit.

    David 1968

  • I stopped smoking 27 years ago, my wife never smoked, but now and again she smells smoke, that smells like the brand of tobacco she smoked, just in one corner of the living room, she thinks it her mum letting her know she's around. She passed away 10 years ago. When her sister came over a while ago it happened again, her sister smelt it just for a few seconds and the smell disapeared.

  • People still smoke at bus stops which annoys me, I have to get upwind of them to escape it. I do challenge them if I need to sit down as I'm on oxygen and I need to.

    I had to go to a friend's house to look at his problem PC recently and I couldn't go in the room because 3 people were smoking in there. I think his Mrs was quite miffed at that but that's too bad.

  • Like a lot of others I can smell smoke(rs) from quite a distance. The thing that really gets up my nose (pardon the pun) is smoking outside pubs & cafes etc on a beautiful sunny day. There was something special about sitting outside having your coffee in the great outdoors but not now when surrounded by a fog from those no longer allowed to smoke inside.

  • It's funny really. I smoked until January and never smoked indoors, always outside and I thought that stopped me smelling of it. Now I know different.

    I too can smell smoke from a huge distance and I can always smell a smoker when they are near. I now hate the smell of stale smoke, but still like the smell of a freshly lit cigarette, but I won't smoke again. I am lucky because not one of my friends or relatives smoke, so I don't have problems when visiting people.

    Although I used to do it myself, I now hate the smokers around doorways and outside at pubs and cafes. I am so glad I gave up and stopped it ruling my life.

    I have also saved £200 each month.

    Lynne x

  • Lynne I to never smoked inside, my wife never smoked s I always smoked outside, 6am frozen standing at the back dor during snow-sleep-rain-wind I was there, how habit is habit?

    I never thought I'd give up cause I loved it, In 2010 for some reason I just wanted to stop, don't know how or why but it just wasnt for me anymore, it was a strugle but after the patches and gum it went, but a year later diagnosed, how much bad luck have I got, gave up t feel good then get diagnosed with emphysima.

    I cant stand the smell of it now and hate everything about smoking.

    David 1968

  • For years, GP's sent me away saying "stop smoking, you have a smokers cough"... I never ever smoked but I lived with my dad and husband who both smoked role ups, and I must have smelt of smoke too.

    In the end, I shouted my problem at yet another GP and banged a jar of green mucus on his desk !.. he sent me to a consultant and soon I was in hospital having half my lung removed and was given treatment I had needed years before.

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