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making the most of the end of the holidays!

My, we've been busy this week, the boys go back to school next Tuesday so we've been trying to make the most of our last few days off. Unfortunatly this has meant a lot of errands and shopping type stuff, while I have them to push me round in my wheelie!

Today (along whith what felt like the whole of the North West!) we went to Ikea, now that NO:1 son has finished his decorating he needed some new bits and bats, he seems happy with what we found, he'll have to wait for his furniture though as we have a discount voucher thats only valid next month! His room looks great, its charcoal grey and cream...very chic and grown up!

at weekend NOS: 1 and 2 are going camping with scouts, they are lighting the beacon on Rivy Pike and all sorts of scouty fun will no doubt take place! I have to go to an all day training course for work (BOO!!!) we have to do it every year to get on the books for teaching adult ed, its really boring, typical council type stuff...with exciting sessions on "how to write a risk assesment" and "safeguarding"..whoop! I'm not saying these things aren't important, but a whole day...on a Saturday?? and its the 5th year running lol!! I am a little concerned with how I will cope with a whole day, but hubby is driving me there and picking me up and there should be plenty people I know who can give me a hand if I need one....I let you know how it goes!!

later today, the boys are going for haircuts so they'll be smart when they go back next week, then tomorrow the older 2 are going birthday shopping for the little one, I think Monday we might go to the cinema and see the Bourne Legacy...anyone seen it??

when they go back to school I might sleep for a week lol!! :-)

love to you all, there seems to be lots going on and I hope things start looking up for those of you struggling today.

Keep smiling,

Mrs S xxx

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I went to aqua aerobics today and the pool was almost deserted. It must be all those mums getting their kids kitted out for school and therefore having no time to swim. I'm pleased those days are over for me. Mind you my daughter caught me at home the other day and I had to shorten 4 pairs of school trousers for my grandson. I hope you manage to get your weeks sleep when they are all back at school.

Your smiling friend



Sorting out uniforms is a least I've only had 2 to do this time, my eldest is off to college so he's kitted himself out with a visit to "primark" :-)


Th only reason i know the kids go back to school is because my daughter in law has gone from having a frown to a semi-smile on her face.

the smile comes next week :)


I love the school holidays but even I will be celebrating on Tuesday!


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