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Had pulmonary embolism in January, a shock for normally healthy 49 year old. Been ill ever since, in and out of hospital with breathlessness and pain.

Yesterday diagnosed with emphysema :-( in shock!!! stupid things going round in my head, am i going to die? do i give up work? Stopped smoking in January, tired all time, put on loads of weight, how do you all cope?

Got results over phone so got to wait to see dr, i had ct scan and vq scan.

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Hello cornishlass and a warm welcome to the group. I do think it's unfair when a diagnosis is given via the telephone as the recipient of the news is usually in shock and not in a position to ask the questions that are now whizzing around in your head. Fear not, I don't believe for a minute that you are going to die (well, we all will EVENTUALLY) soon and with the proper treatment and your co-operation there is no reason on earth why you shouldn't live for many, many more years.

If you go back and read through some of the blogs and questions here, you will see that many of us were diagnosed 'yonks' ago (one of us is a 20 year'er ;)) and I've lived with it for 13 years so far.

In between now and your doctor's appointment do write down your questions and make sure that your doctor answers them in a way you can understand.

Glad you could join us and here's to a long and happy association :)



Best advice I can give is call the BLF help line they are very good, you aint gonna die, with the correct treatment you can live a very long and active life, it's all about knowledge.

Dont start GOOGLING things either you wont get the right answers you are looking for, keep on this site and as the lovely people on here anything you want.

Congradulations for giving up the CIGS please stay off them and never ever go back on them.

David 1968


hi can i just say i was diagnosed 2/3 months ago and believe me i was petrified all sorts of things were going thro my head but then i found this site and all the people on here are fantastic they have helped me loads so now i dont worry about it because the people on here all know what its like and what your going thro just read the blogs whenever you can believe me it will make you feel much better like i say they are all great people on here but you take care now xx


I too have just recently been diagnosed and still in up and down mode (hence why I am up at 3.30 a.m. answering this ) it is hard to come to terms with but as the above post's have already said this site and all the people on it are brilliant when I am having wobbly moments I come here and read through the blogs and questions and feel reassured and comforted by these very lovely friends.......

Take care Cornishlass

Cales xx


Thankyou everyone, it helped calm me down. Hope to get some answers from specialist end of next month x


Yes having or rather being finally diagnosed with multiple P.E's in April 2011 came as a shock to me, & researching the condition is scary to put it mildly, but I would say you get through it. As mentioned about don't Google too much though as it's a two edged sword & there can be a load of tripe out there.

Here's me 17 months on & I'm still here :-), I take my necessary Warfarin medication, get my INR checked periodically, watch what I do & get on with life. If anything it's made me more aware of 'things' & I exercise more too, I guess it's a way of feeling alive.

Compaqred to how I felt physically between Jan & April 2011 I feel great now, anything's better than 'those days'. So try to be positive, as I do think knowing post-diagnosis is better than the fear & ignorance I had pre-diagnosis.

Can't believe you were told news over the phone, that sucks :-(


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