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Exercise on prescription?


Hi to all!

I saw the nurse and the doctor this afternoon and during the consultation I asked about gym membership or exercise on prescription. They 'vaguely' knew what I was talking about but had no information about it. The nurse even made two phone calls, within the surgery. Did I imagine that GP s offer this service? Can anyone enlighten me please? thanks x

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In my area they do what is called 'Activate' it i in collaboration with the NHS and the local authority. You have to get referred (by doctor, nurse or by phisiopherapist at the end of your Pulminary Rehabilitation) and you co-pay for each session (I think if you are on certain benefits this may be waived). Google you local authority Sports Centre and see if they have a similar scheme and then you have something concrete to go to your GP with. Good luck.

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Hi Milestone. Thanks for your reply. I'll pop into the sports centre tomorrow and see if they 're offering a scheme. it's time to get fit!!


Hi terri-rose,

I had 20 weeks free gym and 12 free weight watchers and you meet

up with a lady to see how you are doing.Not on any benefits at all.

My doc and nurse set it up for me as was costing me alot and had heard about it being free if you need it xxx

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Hi Airbags,

That's amazing! I could do with both! I can't see my surgery offering that - they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. I paid the gym subscription last Sept - fell ill in October and couldn't use the pool or gym for almost the whole time. I don't really want that to happen again - it's a local council pool but it was still a lot of money (for me). I will def pass this on to the surgery - plant a seed eh? x


Hi terri-rose My surgery has a referral scheme whereby you dont pay the full cost of certain gyms.

Also I got a letter from my doctor and my local gym knocked down the monthly charge from 35.00 to 25.00. You could try that in your area.

Hope this helps xx

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Hi hypercat.

I wonder if that's a deal from the gym and not the surgery? I'll go and ask at the gym tomorrow - then I can tell the surgery what's available in the area (what a joke!!) Thanks for you speedy reply XX

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You're welcome terri-rose. The first was a surgery deal and the second a gym deal. But gyms want your custom especially in the recession.... Good luck with that love xxx


My surgery never offered anything. In my area it seems to be PR then manage at home. Auntymary xx

Hi Auntymary, thanks for the info. I hope your surgery is not typical!

Hi terri-rose. I'm not sure how close this is for you, but it may be worth following through and asking them for info more locally to you if I didn't guess quite right ;-)

Click on abettermedway.co.uk/ - then click on 'find a session' in the menu on the left then go to the final paragraph of the page for the "Health Improvement Services Guide" - click on that then go to page 14 for the Exercise Referral information. They give a phone number and email address.

Morning Gordon! Many thanks for that. The Medway starts at about 12 ish miles from here. I'll definitely have a look. Anything is worth a try!

Hi Gordon,

I have just accessed that site. It s on page 12 - but page 14 was just as interesting (sexual health!!) so I stopped there for a little rest for a while! I worked in The Medway for four years until May and had no idea all those things were happening. I might contact them tomorrow to see if a person has to live in Medway to join the walking group. You a mine of information. How an earth did you know about that!! Many thanks again. Hope you are in rude health. x

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I know many things ;-) You mentioned roughly where you were in a previous message, so I just had a poke around that general area of the country to see what was on offer.

If they can't help then they may be able to point you at a more local option.

As for rude health, you were the one who jumped to page 14... LOL

Hello Terri-Rose,

I was referred by the hospital to the "Exercise on Prescription" scheme, as not every Gym can offer this. Quite excited at the thought of something new, even though it was a fair way to travel, so my daughter-in-law took me to my induction. Had a long chat with a trained staff member about my illness and abilities, and the upshot was that in her opinion, the various gym equipment, i.e. treadmill, exercise bike , weights etc, would be unsuitable, and all she could suggest would be an over 60's keep fit class. As that gym had no pool, any aquau aerobics or swimming was not suggested.

So i duly arrived the next week for my class, paid my fee (yep, this isnt free) to find the instructor had no training for anyone with breathing problems and was somewhat out of her depth as to best way forward. I stayed and joined in where i could, but knew it wouldnt work.

So unfortunately for me, it was a non starter, but i know other people have had better experiences, so maybe i was just unlucky.

I say, go for it if offered, well worth a shot as any help enabling us to take more supervised exercise has got to be good for us.

Me, i'm still being taken for (slow) walks by the dog, but looking into more local classes for yoga or pilates, as long as they are not too costly. Quite fancy a crack at either of those.

I really hope it works out for you, take care and stay well. xx

Oh, that's a shame especially as you were eager to go. Thanks for message, it's worth looking into. I am not holding my breath though (oops no pun intended hee hee) as staff at my surgery had no idea what I was on about. It'll be interesting if they do actually ring me back, as promised, with any information. Have a good day. I am off to the library. The staff there are pretty clued up! You keep well too XX

Exercise on presscrption. It has many names in defferent parts of the country,Ask your local PR team at the hospital,for the name of the scheme in your town or city. Kate Peters from BLF is the lead for a Exercise Scheme across the country called BLF Active ,ring BLF or vist the web site to find the BLF exercise instructor near to where you live,they should be abe to tell you the name of exerciseon prescrption.BLF exercise run mainteace classes,after PR

Thanks for that. Health professionals don't seem to know what I am talking about. Will take your advice. Terri-Rose


Im always amazed by what you know Gordon57! You are obviously a whizz kid on the computer...wish I was.

You always come up with great sites and are a mine of useful information. Thats great and I'm sure I'm not the only one who really appreciates it.

Thanks xxx Bev

Yes its true both of us have had this I went to the local gym and hubby to the physio's gym by doctors. You can also go to Pulmonary Rehab hope this is of use.

terri-rose in reply to Carol3

Thanks. Any suggestion is of use. I still haven't enquired at local gym - too tired. It s definitely on my to do list though! many thanks. Terri-Rose

sk to speak to respiotory nurse hope this helps bob

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