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i dont have copd myself but my husband has just been diagnosed with it,the nurse says he has the lungs of a 72yr old,he is only 42yrs old,this comes on top of the other medical problems he has.

he also has factor 5 liden its a genetic blood clotting disorder .he has thrombosis ,hes had dvts in both legs and one leg he suffers from very bad ulcers on it.

i am his carer and its not an easy job.

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Hello yerkish - sorry to read about your hubby, hes so young. I thought my husband was young at 52 to have it. That was 12 years ago now. It seems, you both have a lot to cope with. Breathless on its own is bad enough. if you have one conditions, others seem come along. :( Its a shock to take it all in? Being a "carer" also as we don't think of ourselves as that. After all you both care for each other but in different ways. Having to stop work hits the hardest.(for men) Bernie now does the meal preparing and a small amount of gardening. It all helps. i have taken over other jobs - so we work together "" as a team" I wish you both well, ask for help if you need too. We all need help now and then. I have found this web site very helpful knowing that there are others like ourselves, Hubbies and wives of C O PD have somewhere to ask questions. Try to make the most of enjoying each day. Its going to be the hottest day of the year :) Lets ho[e for a bit of breeze xxx

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