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Does anyone use an


I hear that they reduce the time it takes to nebulise drugs dramatically. Also tells you when drug is finished, instead of just guessing or looking and the drug tipping out as you look! I have Bronchiectasis and I need to nebulise Colistin twice a day.

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I have a micro-air nebuliser. I use it for travel and I love it. It uses the mesh technology and is much quicker than my mains supply 'milking machine' as I call it. The I-neb looks a little more sophisticated and robust but the mesh technology is the great thing about them. A really fine mist and almost silent.

Marie x

Hi Marie, do you use it all the time? What drugs do you use it for? I am happy to buy one if it's any good as the NHS one is dreadful and takes so long - when you are rushing out to work in the morning it's awful! Thanks x

I'm only on salbutamol, which I only take in the morning. But I find it's quicker and just more convenient. It's battery operated so there is that. Good batteries last longer. I have an AC2000 at home. The only think I don't like about the one I have is the mouthpiece/mask. But it's put-upable with.

Do you have respiratory nurse you could speak to to have a try?

I think the mesh technology makes the mist do much finer. I feel like it works better. But this might be clever marketing! Mine was a panic buy 2 days before I went to New York. I'd liked to have been able to shop around a little bit more but I wouldn't be without it now.


Here's an advert for it. It might not be ideal for you but it will give you an idea. I'm probably going to buy the mains adaptor for it too. But this will show you re the mist but also the mouthpiece.


Thank you very much, I have a clinic appointment on Monday so will ask them - need something better than I have!


I have the Omron microair which is brilliant for my salbutamol but when I spoke to Evergreen where I got it from they told me that although some people say it will nebulise the steroids and antibiotics, it is much slower as the medication is much thicker so it won't go through the mesh easily. Check with your respiratory nurse to be sure.

Agree its great for salbutamol but you are right that it won't be suitable for all meds. Definitely worth checking with nurse.


Thanks Marie for this info. How many mls does the chamber take of medication please?


I think it holds up to 7mls. I only use 2.dml nebules. If you check out the reviews on Amazon it will give you an idea of some of the good things and some of the pitfalls. Like i say for what I need it for its perfect - especially the travelling aspect. Not having to lug a huge nebuliser around has been great and has given me the confidence to fly again etc as i can have a quick toot on it before I get on the plane! ;-)

It won't be perfect for everyone - the reviews plainly show that.


Thanks Marie. I have been looking for a decent portable neb and saw a Polly Green in Maplins. The guy told me they are often on sale in summer. Well that was about 2 years ago and I've never seen it on sale. Not a bad little neb but I thought quite expensive and you have to buy spare cups. This one you have sounds like it could be better. Will check it out. Thanks sweet.


I've had a PolyGreen for a while now and it's really useful when I want to go out for the day. I can operate it from the car cigarette lighter thingy. I use Ventolin nebules 5mg/2.5ml.

I bought it on eBay (brand new) and it cost £47 if I remember rightly :)

I use an I-neb for colistin and salbutamol and it's great. It takes about 90secs to neb each dose. A beep & a smiley face tell you when the dose is finished. There is no mist at all so no need to vent out of a window. It's very small & light so can take it anywhere & each battery charge lasts about 6 weeks (again, it shows you when it needs charging). People who need colistin can get one on loan from Philips Respironics, your consultant or gp just have to recommend you for one (they're very expensive to buy). If you want more details send me a pm & I'll be happy to fill you in.

FF x

Oh yes please, I really do want one. How do I go about getting it? I have read that you need to use a different brand of colistin - something beginning with P? Apparently it's more expensive? How do I send you a PM?

I have actually just called Philips Respironics and all I need to do is get prescribed Promixin and then they will send out the I neb and give me full training! I am soooo excited - have a clinic appointment on Monday so will ask and beg them :) thank you x

yippee! Philips are very helpful. It may take 6 weeks or so before the rep phones you but then he comes and goes through it all with you (takes a while as it's a totally different type of neb) then gives you a number so you can call if you have a problem. And he'll follow up with you a few weeks later.

I don't see why you shouldn't get one, I didn't even have to ask, my consultant suggested it to me! Maybe tell your consultant you have a busy lifestyle & have to leave the house early for work and having an I-neb would avoid you sometimes having to skip your colistin cos you haven't got time to neb. Your GP has to agree to prescribing Promixin instead of generic colistin, your consultant will ask him. I think the difference in cost is around £80 per month but it's so worth it when you have a substantial burden of drugs/physio which eats into your time. Having an I-neb certainly helped me work longer.

Have you tried this website it's bronchiectasis-specific, has lots of information, and the members are extremely supportive & helpful of each other. Never any arguments! ;)

good luck - let me know if your con agrees to the I-neb. If I can have one so can you so be insistent if necessary

FF x


I would like to know how much is, and what I need to do to get a 'I-neb AAD System', I did not find to sale in the internet.

My cousin has Pulmonary hypertension, and his doctor prescribed this device to dispense the medication.

He is brazilian, so I need to buy and take to him.


ps I have bronchiectasis too x

The micro air takes much longer than 90 secs! Wow that is quick.


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