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Oxygen concentrators

Hi, my mum has just got an oygen concentrator for night time use. We've got it in the spare room with the door shut as it is quite noisy. We're leaving the window open as I'm not sure how much it depletes the oxygen left in the room (it's a very small room) but also it gets very hot and really heats the room up.

How do other people get on with theirs, have you found similar things?

We are wondering about getting a cheap pulse ox as we have no idea if it's actually helping. Her sats are apparently not good at night (it's not sleep apnoea). The dr said they'll do another sleep study in a while but i think it would it be good to have a bit of an idea before then.

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Hi Choccie

I also use my concentrator at night and have to say I have got used to it's sound now so it doesn't worry me at all. I do have it in my bedroom but tend to leave the bedroom window open a little day and night to cool my room - ys I agree the machine does warm it up dreadfully! Actually if it very noisy you could ask your supplier if they have a quieter one - no harm in asking. Our supplier has recently changed and my new concentrator is both smaller and quieter.

Always useful to keep an oximeter but it really wont show how it helps mum overnight. I recently asked my respiratory nurse if I really needed the 02 16/24 and she gave me a little oximeter that recorded my sats as I slept - clever little gadget. I kept it for the weekend so one night I used the 02 and one night I didn't. She assessed the results but apparently I dipped to about 88 without it so I still need the 02. Bang goes my idea of erasing my electricity "footprint" and saving the NHS some money!

Hope your mum improves now she has a permanent supply. She should be assessed about 4/6 weeks after she started on it just to check all is ok and it is meeting her needs; and then again about 6 months after. The new "Home Oxygen Service - Assessment and Review" comes into force from 1st October but some areas already have a similar service in place.

If you are at all unsure about your mum, do talk to her GP/nurse or the helpline at BLF


Hi Choccie,

We have the concentrator in the spare room, did you know you can get a council tax reduction phone your local authority.

Every little helps.


Hi, I have a question if you feel you can answer it. Where did you purchase your concentrator from, only I looked at them in the UK but they were far too expensive, so purchased one from abroad at a tenth of the price. It is fairly quiet and has three levels of use and I find it helps me recover much quicker when I am struggling after exercise. Incidently I was not offered one by the NHA. I was diagnosed with COPD about twelve years ago with having lost 60% of lung capacity, was devastated but got used to the idea and started to change things to make my life easier, ie. changing my car for a higher four wheel drive as I was having difficulty exiting from my low car, have now changed to a fiat doblo with a scooter ramp wich is wonderful and gives me back my freedom to go places I did not think were possible before. The combination of the two was less than £4000, so after selling my 4 wheel drive I was not out pocket. Sorry about the long post and enough of me. I hope your mum feels better and benifits from the oxygen therapy. Regards. D


Thanks for the responses and tip about the council tax!

I don't know how you can sleep with it in your room Mulie. I am 2 rooms away and I can hear it (clunk clunk clunk................clunk clunk clunk!) mum did call the company who said its the only one they do. It seems tobe the current model but has obviously had a 'previous woner' as its quite beaten up.

We are a bit worried about keeping our window open all the time cos of security so will have to see what best to do.

Ours is on the nhs drifter.

Choccie x

HI Choccie

I was tested at the beginning of the year during a three day/two night stay for tests in the Brompton. I was really surprised when they said I needed oxygen overnight (2 lpm). I was supplied with a concentrator from Air Products ( my then supplier)- it's about the size of a bedside table. We put it in the small bedroom which is used as a study and close the door. Like you say we were amazed at how much heat it produces, even with the window open. When we had family to stay we had to move it in with us - not much sleep, although that not very unusual for either of us.

I have to say that I do get more tired as the day progresses and find going up the stairs last thing at night quite a trial. In fact if I am honest I am often very glad to put the oxygen on. I am sitting here now in the study, typing this in my dressing gown - with oxygen!!

I am trying to sort out a smaller(more portable) and quieter concentrator so that I can go away on holiday or visit my family (overnight stay needed). The hospital are trying to get it changed on the NHS ( Air Liquide now my supplier).. If this cannot be done I will try to find one to buy - perhaps a used/reconditioned unit.

Will let you know if I get any further.


My dad's concentrator lives in the downstairs hallway. He uses it 24/7. We have tubing long enough to reach all round the house so when he's in bed upstairs the concentrator is downstairs. Maybe doing that might help with the noise?

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