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I'm a 44yr old woman with ILD. Before becoming ill in February I waas very active, both teaching and performing belly dancing. I find myself unable to do much now which is very far from the real me!

I need to excercise, I can feel my muscles wasting and excercise makes me feel good about myself too. From what I perceive, my condition will deteriorate and I would rather not sit around waiting for this to happen!

I do intend to ask the advice of my consultant when I see him on Friday, but wanted to know if anyone had any ideas??

I dont fancy classes, the idea of seeing myself in full length mirrors and fetching shade of navy blue does not appeal! but I am drawn to dance and movement, rather than sport.

I've been looking at DVDs and Wii fit type things but dont know where to start.

hope some of you can help

Mrs S x

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Ask if you can do a pulmonary rehabilitation course or if you can have one to one Respiratory physio consultation.

Best wishes


thanks Jo, thats already on my list of things to ask lol!

I'm the queen of lists! Its the only way to run our busy family!

I am looking to start exercising too. I already swim and do a bit of walking (although not very far) but I saw the dietician last week and he suggested i join a gym - I am very lucky we have an excellent one at work. The reason for this is because this rubbish weather affects how much I can do and at least in a gym you aren't reliant on the weather. I have spoken to my GP who thinks light aerobic exercise would be excellent so I am off to buy some trainers and gym kit. I do not look like a gym bunny and I have weight to lose so this is my only concern - looking silly!

I will have an induction and I expect that the treadmill and exercise bike will be the equipment I use most. I am also considering Pilates. I see a physio regularly too but thats to correct my breathing - I will be asking him about exercise as well though.

I know from another site I use that Lesley Sansome DVDs are exceptionally popular. They are walking DVDs you can do at home. There are a couple on youtube that you could google to see if its your sort of thing.


I know just how you feel, I was always into dance rather than sport or other exercise, but since being diagnosed I have learnt to exercise in other ways, unable to achieve dancing like I used to.

Line dancing may be something to consider if you do decide to join a class. Also tai chi, there are videos on you tube you can make use of, something I do more through the winter months.

If you have de conditioned, ask about referral to pulmonary rehabilitation also contact BLF helpline for a copy of their DVD /CD.

Keep on exercising in whatever way you can, its so important.

All good wishes Zoee

Hi MrsShimmy,

Keep dancing! what happens with lung conditions is a cycle of inactivity where you do less, becuase you feel more breathelss, but due to muscle wastage it becomes harder to do anything at all. The best thing to do is to to keep moving! But its imperative, as you know, to get some advice on how to keep active in a safe way. It's great you're asking the consultant about exercise and Pulmonary Rehabilitation on Friday. I hope you get some sound advice.

thanks all! some great advice, Zoee I was thinking about Tai Chi...I know a teacher so will ask her advice too. Marie, I was thinking about swimming but can't afford a gym and don't fancy sharing our local pool with the kids from school...maybe after the hols??

My ultimate goal is to start teaching again, I have a great group of ladies who take instuction well if I can't actually dance. For those who don't know, bellydancing is hard work!! not just a case of undulating gently....I am unable to dance at the mo but do a lot of stretches and posture/balance work when I feel well enough.

I have along list for friday...poor bloke won't know whats hit him!

Mrs S xx

Hi Mrs Shimmy

I agree with the other posts, you should keep on dancing. I have ILD and whenever I am at a wedding you can find me dancing for short periods of time, with my oxygen cylinder on my back. I also take my oxygen with me to the side of the pool when I do aqua aerobics and when I swim. The only exercise I don't get to do is walking because I currently live on top of a hill but I hope to start again when I move. So if the consultant does suggest ambulatory oxygen do not be horrified, be pleased as it would get you undulating and dancing again. Good luck and keep moving that body.



thanks Mandy, I'm loving the idea of dancing with an o2 cylinder on my back...could cover it in sequins perhaps!!

Hi MrsShimmy. I have just started doing a pulmunory rehab course. Mine is a group session lasting about 2 and a half hours. The psychologist chats first then an exercise expert does. You then spend about 1 hour doing excercise. Nothing terrible and you are encouraged to work at your own speed. The info I have received says it is very important to do some excercise as this will make your muscles more efficient and you will need to use less oxygen. Obviously this will have a major impact on your illness. I do recommend that you go. Let us know how you get on. Good luck. Auntymary x

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