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My brother got married yesterday and dad was there to celebrate........he was so proud of his son......and I was so proud of dad!

At 37 years of age mum and dad have finally got rid of my brother......he is a married man hoorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Serious tho, what a wonderful day and especially moving since my dad was well enough to go. He drove his son to the church and I know how proud dad was of him. He looked super in his tophat and tails and he managd the whole day without any probs. He was well prepared with his oxygen and used it when needed.

Dad saw his grandchildren having fun running around and my brothers' son was his best man also and it was lovely. He was exhausted when he got home late at night but the fact he was there was amazing. Just goes to show that even with some adjustments and planning (the photographer came to my dad to save him walking down the steps (and back up) that you can still enjoy the time you have and don't have to miss out on anything.

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It sounds as though you all had a wonderful day tanyamarie. :)

My congratulations to the happy couple and to your dad for a great effort!

Auntymary xx

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thanks Auntymary, it was wonderful. :) xx

Ah great glad you all enjoyed it Val x

ta x

What a wonderful day for you all , It sounds as if your Dad did really well .:-)

he did great, only one or two pics of him using his o2, he didn't need it much

So glad a good day was had by all. Congratulations to the newly weds and well done to your Dad.

thanks zoee

sounds like a lovely day was had by all x :)

yes thankyou

Many congratulations and well done to your dad, he must have been so proud! What a wonderful day for everyone. Any tips on how to encourage my son (30 in November) to find a partner he could finally move out of home for? Any suggestions considered! Take care. xx

Ha brother found his wife in church so maybe theres an ida for you!

I will suggest that but don't hold out much hope! Thanks for the reply though.


He's on his way to Lanzarote right now so maybe the allure of a nice warm honeymoon helped to persuade him lol!

Hi, Congratulations to all of you. I loved reading this, it really warmed by heart. When my emphysema was diagnosed ,my kids were 10 and 7. My first thoughts were I'd miss their wedding days and my grandchildren. I'm hanging in there and now they are 25 and 22, no weddings, no grandchildren, not even moved out. How much longer do they think I can last... ;-)

Loved your story and long may your Dad's lumb reek! need to give em a gentle shove or two in the right direction lol. Glad you liked alansyme x

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