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Anyone got any information please

I wonder if anyone has been in a similar position I have Bronchiectasis and my husband has been unemployed for some time he has recently been referred to one of these Job finding agencies by the Job Centre. My husband worked away for a lot of years as a Shopfitter and now they say that he has to take a Job away they have sent him for an interview today and I am panicking in case he has to go away. I am Ok trundling around the house most of the time but for the last week have felt quite poorly with an infection of my Sinuses.The agency has said if he doesn't go for the interview they would stop our benefits and if he doesn't take the job the same will apply. He is 60 years of age and I am the same I am frightened of not managing and been ill with no help. My daughter lives the other side of the country. My husband has applied for hundreds of jobs at home and does want a job but we are both worried what will happen. I am not classed as disabled or anything and can manage most of the time but get really tired and a lot of infections.Any advice would be great I haven't slept for the last two nights for the worry.


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I think you need to involve your doctor about your difficulties and ask for the community nurse to come visit you and perhaps the occupational therapy team to asess you.

With regard to your husbands role as carer I would recommend that he phone the BLF helpline for advice on this matter and the current situation with benefits.

Every good wishes for you and your husband Tyniesha. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are working out.

Take good care.


BLF Helpline is a freephone number, open from 10am to 6pm normal working week days:

Telephone: 03000 030 555. Good luck. Auntymary x

Firstly, make sure your hubby is registered as your carer, Then I am sure your doctor will support you in communicating that you depend on him for your day to day care. Like Zoe said, ring the BLF for advice and/or see the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Can I ask how you register as someone's carer? Is it actually a formal process? Bit new to this...

When you apply for carers allowance they officially list you as a carer. My mum did it but didnt get any money as she was having the state pension!

From the DWP Fact sheet.

If you are caring for someone,for 35 hours or more each week,who is going to claim DLA,you may want to claim carer`s allowence.Do not claim carer`s allowance untill the person you care for is awarded DLA at the middle or highest rate for care,but you must claim carer`s allowence within 3 months of the DLA decision being made or you could lose benefit.

Some benefits,allowances or pensions can affect how much carer`s allowence we can pay.This means that if you get another benefit we may not pay carer`s allowence at all,or pay it at a reduced rate.

But you may still be entitled to carer`s allowence even if we cannot pay it,and being entitled means that you may get an extra amount paid with income based jobseekers allowance,income related employment and support allowance,income support,pension credit,housing benefit or council tax benefit.

This is not intended to be a complete statement of law and you should not rely on it as such.

SO if you are turned down for DLA can you're carer still claim the allowence ? or am i reading it wrong" but you must claim carer`s allowence within 3 months of the DLA decision being made or you could lose benefit." very very confusing.

You must apply for DLA once you get that your husband can become a carer for you ,Its really important that when you get your claim pack you get help filling it in as the questions are quite frankly stupid .

I was in the same line of work as your husband up untill feb2012 i dont feel guilty about claiming benefits ive paid in to the system for 29 years and now im ill i need a bit of it back but with the present government they are making it so hard to do so.Get on to your mp phone him harass him they are there to help you ,get doctors letters about your condition send them in with your claim thats what im doing.People don't realize what a struggle it is to have one of the forms of COPD i hope everything works out for you

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