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V/Q Scan

I had an appointment to have a V/Q scan this morning which they need to do before my LVRS but the machine was broken, they only do these on Tuesdays so am now hoping that it can be re booked next week, I should have had a full morning of tests as well but they cancelled them all, bit of a put back but I can't to too much about it except hope that they can all be done before next appointment on the 10th July with Surgeon..

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Hi Perce

sorry to hear that your tests have been set back.

i have also been referred for a LVR i have a CT scan booked for saturday can you tell me what other tests to expect please


Today I should also have had Lung Function tests, the 6 minute shuttle test and an Echo heart test. The images from the CT scan are amazing and you can easily see what sort of issues you have.


thanks for your reply,i was told that the tests take up to 3 months is that correct and can i ask are you having surgery or the new valve procedure ?


Hi Maddyo2,

The tests where booked in only two weeks after seeing the Sergeon. I am down for LVRS.


Hospital phoned today and all tests are now booked for next Tuesday

morning starting with the V/Q scans, then there will be a delay of two weeks as someone is on holday but at least things are moving foreward again.


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