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Hello. I am 71 and had Asthma for most of my life. My condition has got worse over the years and I have now been diagnosed with COPD and told I will have to go on oxygen at some time, as I am not too bad on the three inhalers I have. My walking distance is shrinking fast and I wondered how do I get a disability parking badge.

Can anyone help please?

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  • Hi Harley, i have a badge myself, as i am not on the higher rate dla, what you have to do, contact your local council, ask for forms for the blue badge scheme, send them back and you will be called for a medical assessment

  • Hi Harley, it can be done online also, If you have the higher rate mobility component of DLA you can do it all on the website without the need for the medical assessment, I have just been awarded the higher rate DLA mobility and applied online for my blue badge.Copy and paste the website into your browser and check your eligibility




  • a link has been created here just click and it will take you straight to it. Hope this helped


  • My dad got refused a blue badge even though his specialist said he was that bad he needed pallative care! Next day he went to his first Pulmonary Rehab course and the staff there sorted it for him and he had the badge by the end of the week.

    I spoke to my dad's GP following week to find out why he was refused and she apologised as she had not detailed how ill my dad was. Hence his lack of care and treatment. She did say she would rectify the matter immediately but of course it had already been sorted. My dad only gets the lower rate of attendance allowance and we are waiting to see if our application for the higher rate is agreed.

    Good luck getting yours x

  • Thank you all for your replies, and ultra-quick response. I've filled in the online form and sent it. So I'll let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again for your help. Harley

  • Good Luck, My husband was referred for an assessment and we were really worried. But actually we didn't need to be, the staff were really good. They talked to him asking questions and then asked him to walk around the building at his pace. He clearly struggled without the need for acting! He was given a blue badge and we were very relieved! Hope the process is as easy and straightforward for you. TAD xx

  • hi i got my blue badge with the help from the staff at the pulmonary rehab, they were great and i got it within couple of weeks, i havent got any dla as yet.

    good luck hope all goes well x

  • good luck with your dla!

  • Hello Tadaw & Junegirl. Thanks for your messages, I'll let you know how I get on.

  • I was refused my Blue Badge the first time I applied for it but that was my GPs fault. He had to fill in the form and goodness knows what he put on it but I was told my application had been refused because of what my GP had written.

    I changed my GP and reapplied before the regulation 12 months and was granted a Blue Badge. I feel the present system has to be better than the older one. I had had a dispute with my GP because he didnt know what Pulmonary Fibrosis was (he said everyone has it)! I suggested he went away and did some research....hence the refusal of my Badge. I worked with Drs for 35yrs and they aren'y Gods they make mistakes and don't like patients telling them what to do. ( bit like me I suppose).

    I often wonder if he he did do some research or whether he's still in blissful ignorance. If everyone has it why aren't we all walking around with O2 strapped on our backs.

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