Good breathing day - why ?

Last Wednesday in Shropshire it was sunny, warm, just a light breeze, I went outside at 10 am walked round the garden felt so good I got out my long handled fork, did some weeding and realized I wasn't feeling breathless, this feeling carried on most of the day. I realized at 2 pm when I take 2 puffs of ventolin easybreathe, that I had missed taking my 10 am 2 puffs, I also realized that I had forgotten to take my 5 mg maintenance steroid, and yet I felt so good. Was it the perfect day i.e. warm, good atmosphere etc. low pollen. So which is best for SOB - perfect atmosphere conditions or medication !, following day was damp and cold - breathing back to normal

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  • Good air quality days help tremendously.

    However don't think missing just one or two doses of the meds and still feeling fine on good air quality days means you don't need them. You won't notice the difference.

    It takes a good few days of missed doses that you will realise how much the medicines help you when taken regularly.

    I wouldn't advise reducing or missing dose, you could risk an exacerbation.

  • Two years ago i was in Turkey on holiday it was May so not to hot but nice and sunny my SOB just seemed to vanish i was so happy , we returned home landing at Manchester , i walked from the plane to the corridor within minutes i was SOB , so yes it's air quality and it's very poor over in the North West where i live .

  • No I would never miss taking my medication on purpose, but it does seem that good air quality helps


  • It is certainly true that good weather improves our condition. I do not function well when weather is damp, windy or cold, but find thigs so much easier on warm sunny days with gentle breeze.:-)


  • My breathing on the south coast is always quite a lot better than on the east coast, where I live. The sea air is damper and cooler on the east coast, probably because it's facing the North Sea. Area and air can make a lot of difference. I've been visiting down the south coast for a few days and I've been walking around here as if I don't have COPD. I even forget on the odd occasion.

  • If there was a map of COPD /asthsma - the North West and North Wales would show up clearly as 'hotspots' - that's why 3 of the 4 nurses at the local practice here are respiratory nurses !

  • copd can be such a strange illness. I am usually very sob when doing activities. But woke up one day last year and felt great. I was not sob, in fact it felt like I had been cured. This lasted all that day, and the next. I have heard about feeling great and fit when having an illness such as ours, and then dropping stone dead, and started to wonder if maybe that was what was happening to me. It was such a great feeling to take good breaths, not feeling any restictions in my lungs or chest, as I remembered it had once been. On the third I woke up as my usual copd self. Sob when on the move. I asked my respiratory nurse about it and she said it is one of those things that happen with copd. One of lifes mysteries. We don't know why these very rare days happen. But if you do get a day like this, really take it by the hand and enjoy:-)

  • I know that damp,cold and low pressure affect me although one day it was so humid and hot I couldn't breathe. Hating this weather as it seems to rain all the time - and I'm in Hertfordshire.

  • At the end of may I had about 8 days where I felt cured. I don't have COPD but have sarcoid and PF. I rang round everyone telling them I felt wonderful, I thought about returning to work - off since December and docs told me not to go back, and also managed some housework without feeling so bad. I also had fleeting moments wondering if 'this was it' knowing that people seem to be better before they pop off. Not only was my coughing and SOB much less but the overwhelming tiredness had gone and also the pains i have. Sadly it wasn' to last but it coincided with nice weather though this hasn't happened before. all I can hope is that it will happen again cos any good days are to be treasured and i'll take any I can get.

  • Me too! I went to New York where the weather was warm and sunny. Hadn't felt that good in years!!

  • The weather affects my husband so badly. During the recent (haha) summer weather and all that damn rain - he has been so breathless. Just about adapted to that and now the sun is out this morning, and he is really breathless. Strange illness this COPD! Wishing you all a good breathing day! TAD xx

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