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Hi gang, Will I be able to do more if Im put on oxygen

Im still waiting for that first appointment referred by my GP to see a Specialist, in the meantime, am getting one infection after another, and am on steriods and anti-biotics a lot of the time. As things are now, can barely do the simplest of things, without feeling Im about to pass out, along with SOB, and its really starting to get to me, am living like a slob, as I simply dont have the energy, which totally goes against the grain, as Im usually so fastidious ! what I really would like to know is, would me being on oxygen able me to do more ? and also, what type of Specialist am I likely to be referred to, ( so I can check the Hospital waiting times) have been waiting months now, not even a letter.

Thanks guys, in advance.

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Oxygen certainly does help if you require it they will do tests, I also suffer reoccurring infections they really get you down, been off work 6 weeks breathing still not good? I would have thought you would see a respiratory consultant should you not chase that up check that your GP has referred you! If it has been that long. Val

hello serene

You should get tested for L.T.O.T.

It may be that you require only 1 hour per day of LTOT or 6 hours, whatever they prescribe, some people have 4 cylinders, some have 1 cylinder that will last a week, so it all depends on your test results, if you are lucky they may do a conserver test at the same time

Keeping a diary serene 1 will help you pass important information to the medical staff helping you with this problem.

You have some excellent advice from Val and Zoee which will help you understand,the treatments which will make your life easier to live.

Hi serene

I think Zoee has covered things pretty well for you there. I would add though that assuming you need and get 02, any improvement in sob, exercise tolerance and energy will still be down to you . The 02 will allow you to exercise safely. As always you will get out what you put in with this disease, measure for measure. That applies to us all equally, whether 02 users or not. Hope you get sorted out soon, Parvati.

PS. Forgot to say .... yes you will have been referred to a respiratory consultant. You should receive a letter which will give you your consultants name as well as the date etc. I had to see a consultant when diagnosed, also when I was put on ambulatory oxygen and also again when I progressed to needing a concentrator for overnight. The ABG's are not that different to any other blood test so don't fear! Incidentally, if you have recently had an exacerbation you may wait 6 weeks at the very least to be considered clear for a spirometry test.

Push your GP for a response from the specialist.

Hi definitely get on to your GP a.s.a.p. you appear quite ill, or you can and this is what many people do, phone your consultant's secretary, you can get the name of your consultant off your GP and tell her how desperately ill you are and u need help now, i guarantee you will be seen within 2 weeks if not sooner, i am sorry but am not being facetious, but consultants and doctors are not mind readers you have to keep at them if you are so unwell until they get the message that you need help now, good luck and i truly hope you get the help you need

kind regards Janie

you will be able to do what you are doing now

:) Elyssia

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