I recently listened to the bronchiectasis presentation which I have suffered from for over 60 years. I was diagnosed with Pseudomonas some time ago and my trusted consultant is trying all combinations of oral, IV and nebulised antibiotics to deal with the infection. From your personal experiences, can this bacterium be eradicated or is its surpression what one should realistically aim for? Many thanks, Martin.

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I have no idea if it can be eradicated but 7 months of nebulised colomycin twice a day has worked wonders for me. Hopefully when I see the consultant next he will put it down to once a day.


My consultant said that it was antibotic resistant but it could be contained (11 courses of them in my case) but it is still there but laying dormant.

Chinka is right it stays with you but can lie dormant. Many of my good friends on bronchiectasis r us are colonised with pseudomonas and are pretty clued up. Many are on prophilactic Azithromycin 1 three times a week and some once a day. I have tried Azith but don't get on with the mycin group. I am not colonised with pseudo but am colonised with Haemophylis Influenzae. Hey I've had bronch for over 60 years too - tough so and sos us bronchs!

Many thanks for that - sometimes a sense of humour is the best medicine!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but....PSEUDOMONAS cannot be eradicated...UNFORTUNATELY! I have had it since a nasal surgery caused it back in 1994! Didn't have it before. Man, if only I had not had that surgery. But I have tried PICC line antibiotics several times when the last one I had kidney failure from too much antibiotics. I, too, have COPD and Bronchiectasis. And now have a bad case of Bronchitis from the P.A. bacteria dripping down from my sinuses. It does lie dormant but when my immune system takes a break then that dirty little devil takes advantage of the situation.

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